Guys and midol

Nope. I remember taking Midol–and I am 100% certain it was Midol brand–when I was in high school, and I graduated in 1982, long before ibuprofen was an OTC drug. The formula was at that time aspirin, caffeine and I believe pamabrom.

Zyada, I don’t know if I have an aspirin sensitivity. I don’t recall ever taking any, although it’s possible I may have in the past. To my knowledge, I’ve never had an adverse reaction to any drug I’ve taken, except Midol. And as I said, I don’t remember which formula it was. I might be able to recognize the package if I saw it (I should check out the website) but I’m not sure. I knew about the website, but I was wondering this two weeks ago (Organic Chem lab on various analgesics) and the site was down, so I haven’t bothered to go back. Maybe I will.

I learned the scariest thing in biochem today. According to my prof, as many people die in the US of ulcers and stomach bleeding due to aspirin and NSAIDS use as do people who die of AIDS. I don’t know of any source, but I would definitely want to find out more! Makes me glad I don’t use aspirin! The prof said that even 3 weeks after taking an aspirin, your blood platelet level is still down! Scary.

Nope, they’ve changed the packages in the past 4 years - the one I remember was predominantly white, with blue lettering.
And what a cluttered website. Too many images…