What does overdosing on Midol do to a person?

I’d say it’s a long story, but I don’t know any enough details to tell a story about it. Let’s just say that a family member may have consumed more than the recommended dose of the maximum strength kind of the mensuation tablets. (I don’t want to/don’t know enough to go into any detail, but she’s fine). On top of not knowing anything about pills in general, I’m a guy who shrieks at the site of just a tampon case holding thing in a purse, so I don’t know anything about menstruation or menopause at all. I don’t know a period from a pressure cooker. Bad joke, man, but I need some answers. I wanna know:

What is this stuff for?

What’s it do?

What does using a lot of it cause to happen to a body?

What would someone trying to do this be thinking or expect would happen?

And anything else I might want to know but didn’t think to ask.

You mean besides causing people to double-post threads?

Here is as much as you might care to know about Midol. The active ingredients are Acetaminophen (here’s everything you’d want to know about overdosing on that, IIRC the biggest risk is liver damage), Pamabrom and Pyrilamine maleate (both diuretics so an overdose can lead to dehydration).

IANAMD and this is not intended as medical advice or comprehensive information.