Guys: Are breasts digital or analogue?

To explain my cryptic topic: I’ve run into several girls whom are unhappy with their breast size. But, as an official guy, I don’t get it. To me, the presence of breasts, with one or two more important signals, sent the message, “Have sex with the owner of these at the first and every subsequent oppertunity.”
So, if two women were identical twins except for breast size, would the woman with the larger automatically be more attractive?

i’d say they’re analog…

and the larger one would not necessarily be the more attractive one… not everyone is attracted to size… i personally prefer shape, among other characteristics that cannot be converted to 1s and 0s…

Silly boy…

Everything can be converted to 1s and 0s. You sound like those guys in the 80s complaining that CDs didn’t give one the ‘true’ sound and warmth of the artists music.

It’s true that size doesn’t really matter to me. Give me two identical looking women, both willing to boink me, with two varying breast sizes and my answer would be, “How much for both?”

The most important thing I’ve learned about breasts is never, ever dial the knobs while saying, “Come in, Berlin…”

Breasts are secondary to possessing a spirit with which I can live for about 50 years.

They ae neither.

They are tactile.

we’re talking of how the male of our species perceives a given set of breasts… and, imho, there is no on/off, yes/no, 1/0 characteristic of a given set as seen by the entire male population… each set of breasts would be perceived differently by different male members (no pun intended)… also, sometimes, there is an element of “maybe” in the equation… and hence i conclude that they are analog. i have nothing against the music, either. i wasn’t even old enough to complain back then…

A man sees breasts as a series of 1’s and 0’s…

…then there’s something wrong with that man.

Sex organs are only digital in Britain. Cause in Britain they refer to them as their “fiddly bits”.

Breasts are wonderful, i agree with XASH - It’s all about shape…and context. Shudders at thought

If I understand the sense in which the OP meant “digital,” I’d say they’re digital. In other words, breasts are a yes/no issue: “Are there breasts here?”

Put it this way: If I were attracted to a woman, I can’t think of ANY characteristic her breasts might have that would un-attract me.

Breasts are lagniappe.

If two women are identical twins except for breast size, the one with the friendliest demeanor wins.

This is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I thank you. :smiley:

But what the hell do I know? I’m not allowed to ‘dial the knobs’.

It sucks to be me sometimes.

When I first read the title of the thread, I thought the question was weather one preferred manual or oral play with them. Oh well.

Breast size would make absolutely no difference to me. If anything, I prefer smaller ones.


While in theory everything can be converted into 1s and 0s, it doesn’t follow that in actual practice 1s and 0s are the same thing. I own alot of CDs, but I prefer to listen to vinyl. It sounds better.

Oh, and size doesn’t matter. :smiley:

Come on guys. I can’t believe you’re even having this conversation. I’m frankly just plain disgusted by the plain chauvenistic stupidity of what I hear. Men and twins. Such an adolescent fantasy. The REAL test is, if you met a super-hottie with 1 large breast and one small breast, then what would you do? Would you play favorites? Would you put your face between them? Which one would you assume was the abnormal one? Would you insist on sleeping on one side as opposed to the other? Would you demand a discount?
Honestly, you people are so superficial.

Peanut-lovers’ Chex Mix has too many pretzels and not enough peanuts.

Breasts, schmeasts.

When I’m peeking I’m not usually looking up that high.