Guys. Convince me I don't want this digital camera

This one.

I like it. Its small, kinda sexy, and only £50 - well within my poor penniless student budget. But I don’t feel I can justify it, but I want it! Waaaah!

So, Dopers, do one of two things - either persuade me that I really really don’t need it, or give me reasons to buy it. :slight_smile:

Arse. The link doesn’t work. Its the Premier DC-505. If you search for it, it’ll come up.

because you really want a far more expensive, higher quality one, which you can afford at this moment in time cos we’re nowhere near far enough into the year to have totally exhausted the student loan. :smiley:

eyes up Casio EXILIM S3 hmmmmmmmmmmm

Hmmm… good reasoning, and seeing as I get far more than the student loan (I don’t get a loan - I’m a postgrad, fully funded by PPARC), its a very good reason :smiley:

Because this one is £17 for the same specification?

You might have to wait a little longer though: 7dayshop is so absurdly cheap for anything photographic that their supply is often not up to the demand.

I am buying that. Right now! :smiley:

Bouncy bouncy wheeeee!!!

Reasons to buy it:
[ul][li]It is small.[/li][/ul]

Reasons not to buy it:
[ul][li]The resolution is utter shite[/li][li]The viewfinder is an optical one (and I’ll bet that the framing through it bears little resemblance to the framing of the final image.[/li][li]The image sensor is almost certainly going to be CMOS (as opposed to the much better CCD type that is used in decent cameras)[/li][li]I can’t say for sure, but I reckon it probably won’t offer you to snap images of different quality settings/video in the same session[/li][li]AAA batteries are expensive and I think you’ll find that the camera draws power to refresh the memory even when it appears to be turned off[/li][/ul]

Glad to be of service - just note that it might be later than the promised date.

And don’t give me that poor postgrad baloney - a PPARC grant is how much pa now? It’s like a half-decent job isn’t it? My PhD was done on an EPSRC grant of just higher than dole!

PPARC grant is £9290 pa. Not quite the £10,000 we were promised this year.

Oh and Wheeeeeeeeee! I’ve just spent 17 quid on a digital camera! I don’t care if it isn’t overly brilliant!