Guys, ever been waxed?

So the missus and I are making our monthly pilgrimage to the salon this Saturday. I usually get a facial while she gets every hair on her body forcibly pulled out by the root.

This time, I’ve decided to have my ears waxed. Since I shave my head, bushy ears make my look vaguely Yoda-ish, and not in the wise way.

I’m also considering having my armpits done, since they just kinda bother me.

Anyone done this before? I’m assuming it’s going to hurt like the bejeezus, but I’m curious about other’s experiences.

Havent had any facial stuff done, coz the face is quite sensitive, but I’ve had my chest waxed a couple of times, and honestly, there’s nothing to it. It really doesn’t hurt much at all. Those ladies just need to find something to complain about.
ducks before he gets a slap

Had my eyebrows done once, because the woman who cut my hair was a smooth-talking, buxom, ravishing thing who could have charmed me into doing just about anything. They weren’t done in a Joan Crawford-style arch, just cleaned up a little (if I don’t tend to them myself I have a uni-brow).

Stung a bit, but nothing to excrutiating (her bosom pressed against the side of my head must have distracted me).

Yup, got my sister to do it to me and the other guys I live with. Read about it here if you wish. It doesn’t really hurt, thats just women for ya :wink: Seriously if you’re getting a large area of skin done it’ll probably annoy the hell out of you, ever consider a wet shave?