Guys: How interested are you in seeing attractive nude persons of your preferred gender?

Flip side of this thread for the girls.

Me, absent the real thing (which means yum if she is reasonably attractive to me, natch), I much prefer full-body shots in stills: closeups get increasingly boring the closer in they go, esp. the extreme gynecological ones. Video has never done it for me, however-fake and contrived and artificial-uggh.

Does this even need to be asked?
The vast majority of men are neither asexual nor celibate

I love the way women look.
Of course, I also like the way they smell, taste, sound and feel.
That’s right.
I am a flaming heterosexual.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

As I wrote in the other thread, I enjoy certain sorts of nudes. A Hustler-type shot of a girl with legs spread as wide as possible and vagina yawning is actually rather gross. But a well-composed nude, even though not showing genitals or even nipple, can be very hot.

I will put two examples in a spoiler box to show what I mean

I like this picture of Kristen Bell, taken from Allure magzine. No nipples, nor vagina, no ass; still both beautiful and hot.
This phony shot, with Bell’s head placed on someone else’s body, is not sexy at all, and wouldn’t be even if genuine.

<shrug> I already mused on this already, decided the hell with it-plus I want to see how the different categories break down-already we have at least one other straight guy who also doesn’t like video…

I think some men require context to be aroused, just as (proportionately more) women do. And one can be aroused because by seeing a naked woman with whom one has a pre-existing emotional connection even though one might not be aroused by an identical woman with whom no such relationship exists. And of course there are women one doesn’t wish to see naked under any circumstances even though one knows they are comely by “objective” standards.

My stepdaughter is a photographer. She’s shot nudes of my wife (who is not related to her, incidentally), and I like those; and I’ve met some of the women she’s shot naked, and several of them were comely. But she’s also shot HERSELF naked, and I’ll gouge out my eyes before I look at those.

I can be aroused by pretty much any kind of nudes… or not if I choose not to be. I’ve seen so many good looking nude girls that if I’m not in the mood, it doesn’t do anything for me. My senses have numbed what that is concerned.

If it would help you out, I could take a look and tell you if they’re any good. Anything to help out a buddy.

According to the current results, there are a few straight men who can be aroused by still pictures of naked women, but not by videos or naked women in person. Huh? :confused:

I think it’s a progression: stills are on average less arousing than (high quality) video, which is of course less arousing than real life.

I’m thinking some people didn’t understand it was a multiple response poll and assumed that the question was essentially “what’s the lowest level at which you find nudity arousing?”

The thread title and the poll question doesn’t match. After all one can be aroused if they see a nude but not be interested in seeing it.

Umm the poll title tells you to look at the thread title for the question.

Excuse me I meant the poll choices.

My straight male answer is yes.