Guys Tolerating Their Girls

Is there any guy out there who has a dated a girl so lost in a soap(s), or a movie(s)…it’s like you just can’t even compete?

If so, which soap or movie, in particular? What effect did this have on you? How did you handle it (prior to breaking it off)?

  • Jinx

This is anicent history, but back in college I dated a girl who was sarcastic and funny at the same time. When the movie Love Story (a soapy, sappy tear-jerker) came out, we made a pact to wait for the most dramatic part of the show, and then laugh out loud. When the moment came, I nudged her and whispered “Now!” Her response was to punch me in the arm and go “Shhhh!”

So what do you do? Keep your mouth shut. It will be over soon.