Guys: What do you tell inquisitive women?

When women ask you why men do things, what do you tell them?

Depends…is the inquisitor hot?

Makes all the difference in the world.

Well, I certainly don’t reveal theSecret Man Talk.

I tell them I am only authorized to give them my name, rank, serial number, inning, balls and strikes, number of outs, score, and how many men are on base.

I say “dunno, fancy a fuck?”

I’ve never had a woman ask me this. Probably because I very seldom do any “typical man things” and they figure I don’t know any more than they do.

If it’s something I do, I tell why I do it. If it’s something I don’t do, I might speculate as to why others do it. In either case, if it is something I feel women do just as often as men, I will probably point that out.

I tell the straight up, blunt, horrible truth:

We’re pretty oblivious to the world around us.

Could you be a little more specific? Different men do different things, and different women ask different questions.

Not really. I could give examples of things asked me, but this isn’t necessarily a serious thread.

I explain that it is testosterone poisoning and they couldn’t possibly understand it.

‘Poison from the goonads. <snip> Goonads. That’s medical terminology. <snip> The poison rises from the goonads and seeps down to the muscles.’

Me, too. The only stereotypically male thing I do that I can think of off the top of my head is drive fast and not ask for directions, and the latter is only because I’m embarassed, not because of stubborn pride.

I also say this, and did just yesterday, actually. I think my exact words were “Testosterone, in large doses, has a retarding effect”.

I (used to) tell 'em it was because I really hoped she would like it enough to give me a chance to do it again.

I used to try to explain things like logic and deductive reasoning and such.

Now I just say “Cuz it’s in the man book”.

I tell them that every man is different and that there is no way I could speak for all of them. Then, if the question is one I can relate to, I tell them why I do a certain thing, but again put the qualifier on that I cannot speak for every man.

Ah yes…the celibacy of the saddle. I have actually used the “Poison from the goonads” excuse before. It’s very endearing if you can deliver it with a straight face.