Guys with 'rugs': What's the story??

Reading Racer1’s thread on Elton John brought back to me my absolute bewilderment about why blokes get toupee’s/headpieces/etc. What’s the deal here? A few years ago I was ‘dating’ a guy who was balding when we met, but went completely troppo about getting some new hair. I didn’t care: I find that ‘bald is pretty bloody bewdiful’ if I like the person in the first place, but they go down in my estimation if they are so self-obsessed to go to such ridiculous lengths.
And no matter how professional the ‘job’ is done, it always looks like a rug!

So you guys who feel that your masculinity is measured by the length of your hair, think again.

You just look like wannabe dorks with some nylon on your head!!

That’s all. Thanks for listening!

Bald guys can be totally sexy.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again : Bruce Willis…MMmmmm…

I agree that guys with combovers and other disguises look ridiculous. Like short women with tall hairdos etc. People need to accept themselves as they are.


My personal ‘favorite’ is balding gents w/ponytails. I find it impossible to take anyone with that look seriously.

The last bald man elected President of the US was Eisenhower, and that was when TV was in its infancy.

I am not completely bald on top, but it is very thin. I guess I have a form of combover, but it was never my intention. If fact I beg barbers/beauticans to cut the hair on top shorter. None will do it. What I’m saying is that except in the most extreme cases combovers are not necessarily intended, they just happen.

IMHO bald guys are ooo la la. I ask Mr. Honey several times a year if I can get out the Nair and transform him into Mr. Clean. He’ll have nothing to do with it. Oh well, judging by his family history, if I just wait a few more years…


Yeah, ever since TV came along, the presidential election has been nothing but a beefcake parade. Just a bunch of oiled-up pretty boys with washboard abs and bulging biceps. Nice to look at, sure, but is it really the best measure by which to choose a leader?

Remember that press conference when, in response to an allegation of being timid on foreign policy, Nixon ripped off his shirt and started doing one-handed push-ups right on the podium? (That was actually pretty sweet.)

God Bless America.

So, what you’re saying is, if Englebert Humperdinck were bald, you’d agree with deeward?

I’ll bet you never knew that all men over thirty are actually bald. Completely cue-ball. It’s in the genes.

Most of us just have really, really good wigs. Any guy that’s “balding” is simply part of a smoke-screen intended to cover up the occasions when a “haired” guy forgets to wear his hair one day.

It’s true!

My dad used to comb over; apparently it just sort of creeps up on you - you don’t go to bed one night with a full head of hair and wake the following morning with nothing on top, but a magnificent long wispy strand above each ear.

It’s a gradual process that starts with just the hint of thinning, needing a very subtle rearrangement of the hair and it’s all downhill from there.

Male-pattern baldness is hereditary and mine is on the way (although it’s taking longer than it did with my father); probably the best solution when baldness strikes is to clip it really short and go for the double-hard bastard look.

Not true. I know some guys who have GOOD jobs that cost a few thousand, and you can’t tell. Cheap rugs, however, always look worse than bald.

Combovers? No. Do what I do, let your back hair grow real long, and comb FORWARD…:smiley:

Lurker, I reckon that even the expensive jobs are pretty obvious. The old b/f I spoke about paid huge bucks for his ‘piece’ (and it’s an ongoing expense too…they have to be rethreaded etc every couple of months). He spends more money on his head than most people pay in car maintenance.

It’s just that they look too perfect. Normal hair gets messy and tousled, but not Yeh-Yeh Hair!

more like 4 to 6 weeks between workups, and a lot of people have two, so they can keep them fresh. Real expensive, vanity…