GW says that diplomacy is really hard.

On MSNBC, and others, I see GW in speaking of North Korea says that a diplomatic response is slow and cumbersome and takes time. I guess he means in contrast to the quick and clean military response in Afghanistand and Iraq that accomplished the mission in a matter of weeks.

And your point?

Hmm… it has the tone of a rant, but none of the bile. I could scoot it on over to GD, but I don’t know if you want a debate or a complaint. Let me know and I’ll move it for you, David Simmons.

Well, it’s a mundane an pointless comment that I felt compelled to share. Where else would it go?

Let’s see now. In a thread that includes “Pointless” in its title you demand a point. Run along boy, you bother me.

David. Of course it’s not pointless. And you know it.

You correctly picked up on something which belies his reasoning for rushing into Iraq.


Nah, it’s a one-off (largely) political comment that’s hardly pointless and really not meant for this forum. It’s not as if I disagree with your point, but since you don’t seem to want to have a discussion about it, and since it really isn’t that angsty, I’m gonna close this thread. If you want to flesh it out and post it in either GD or the Pit, please feel free to do so.