Gwyneth Paltrow really can sing!

Hardly anyone saw “Duets”, and that’s understandable. it couldn’t figure out what it wanted to be. But it had some really interesting stuff in it, not least being Paltrow’s voice.

I actually found I had to have a copy of her and babyface singing “Just My Imagination”, I really like the way they do it. She has really crisp phrasing and a * very * pleasing quality to her voice.

It’s kind of annoying, really. That much good luck and talent and looks wrapped up in one person. Hrmph.


I do not consider Gwyneth to be attractive; I also am not impressed with 50 percent of her acting.

I will, however, give her props for being a pretty good singer.

Just like many other people.

(Note: this is not a Gwyneth-bashing. I AM really impressed. I don’t think she’s ugly, simply not particularly attractive IMHO. I just know plenty of better actors/actresses who are beautiful, can sing, dance, plus a lot of other things required for a successful theatre career.)

I loved that movie. Paul Giamatti gives an amazing comedic performance. His voice isn’t that bad either.

But now to the subject at hand. Gwyneth’s voice is amazing. She almost has a Bonnie Raitt bluesy quality to her voice only not quite as raspy.

IMHO, Jennifer Lopez shouldn’t be the actress with a successful singing career, Paltrow should.

IMO, her voice is ok, but she sounds too much like she’s been coached on the exact way to sing every note. I found her duet with Huey Lewis very stiff, and I really don’t like her version of Bette Davis Eyes (admittedly, that’s got a lot to do with the crappy backing track).

She’s ok, but I wouldn’t rush out to buy her music.

IMHO, Jennifer Lopez shouldn’t have a successful singing career either :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen the movie, so I can’t comment on anything but her “Cruisin’” duet with Huey Lewis.

That was an abomination! I change radio stations immediately whenever I hear it come on. She has decent pitch and tone, but no soul whatsoever — it’s as if her portion of the song was being sung by one of the un-dead. It’s just entirely too much “paint by numbers” singing for my taste.

I somewhat agree with YWalker and cazzle. Her portion does seem extraordinarily measured and precise. However, I don’t run away when it comes on 'cuz I’m a harmony nut & I love to sing Huey’s part :smiley:

Plus, as mentioned above, she is mad cute. My finest lady friend revealed that Gwyneth would be her one crossover fling, if possible. Otherwise, no interest in the ladies. WOW — couldn’t get that out of my head for a LONG time.