Gym + ipod...who knew?

For years, I’ve been dragging my sorry ass to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and trudging on the elliptical, or bike, or rowing machine; usually while watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Not making much progress, but probably holding the line on growing blobdom.

Then I got an iPod for Christmas. Actually, a hand-me-down from my son, who got a new and bigger one.

I tried wearing it & listening to my tunes while working out. OMG. This is so much fun! Who knew? Why didn’t you guys tell me?

So now I can’t wait to get to the gym, 5 times/week, and my workouts are longer and more strenuous. I’ve lost 5 lbs since Christmas. Yay me!

I have yet to try running with music. I absolutely hate running so I doubt I’ll even give it a shot. But once I found out that I can burn calories while sitting and watching TV (stationary bike, y’all!), I started to like cardio.

Didn’t you notice that 75% of people at the gym have iPods? The other 25% are a combination of old guys reading magazines on the bike and people who are bored shitless.

What I like about elliptical + music is matching the strides/minute with the beat of the song. At 102 spm and nice bouncy beat, I think the best song I’ve found so far is “Africa” by Toto.

Don’t you dare judge me.

Well, yeah, but it just didn’t seem fun until I tried it. And I was happy with Meredith Vieira, or so I thought.

iPod + TV combo for me - especially when I can manage to get my cardio in from 1-2pm, when they’re showing the previous evening’s Daily Show and Colbert Report. It’s really a life changer.

Never took an aerobics class, I presume?

Old guy reading a NOVEL, thankyouverymuch.

I’d read when I ran but it’s kind of hard. I can never keep my eye on the page–too much bouncing. If I did stationary bikes, I suppose it would be easier, but I don’t trust the stationary bikes. Never have. Never will.

I noticed that.

And now I’ve doubled the music capacity of my ipod I think I’ll be one of the 75% (as soon as I can start dragging my arse out of bed the 2 hours earlier than normal required to go to the gym before work every day/other day)

How do they deal with the sweat + earphones thing?

I’ve been sweating like a horse on my new regimen and haven’t experienced a problem. (earbuds)

I got a sweet deal on a recumbent bike and have now been able to get caught up on more exercise AND my XBox 360 games.

By the way, OP, when you get sick of music, try on some Podcasts, they really can make the time fly by. I’ve got my iPod filled with NPR’s This American Life and’s “Stuff You Should Know”. (The latter taught me all about how Hell’s Angels, Witness Protection, and High Fructose Corn Syrup work.)

And not just in the gym – in the pool, too!

My parents got me a SwiMP3 for my last birthday. Best. gift. EVAR.

Just try not to sing along too often.

It’s on one of my workout mixes, too.

Fist bump. Let your dork flag fly, dude. Just try not to sing out loud (“I bless the rains down in AAAAFRICAAAAA”) lest those 25% look at you & laugh.

YES! I love good music to run to! I struggle more if I forget it or run outside.

“We’ve secretly replaced “Africa” on jsc’s ipod with “Through the Fire and Flames.” Let’s see what happens.”

I love music while I run, and if I’m running for an hour or more I love podcasts of This American Life or Radiolab. I get lost in the show and can run for 90 minutes, listening to some music first, a podcast, then more music. I love it so much that I crave long, long runs.

Outdoor runs, that is. Honestly, I find the gym tedious no matter what I’m listening to. I still go, though and listen to just music in the winter, saving all my podcasts for glorious spring.


Today, REM’s TEOTWAWKI came up (I love shuffle!), at 114 spm. It was like a sprint.

podcasts sound nice, but I’d think they would lose the energizing effect that music has. It would be no better than going back to Meredith Vieira.