Gymnastics officially now has a "Dick move"

Gymnast Marisa Dick of Trinidad-Tobago has perfected a new move in gymnastics, which has been added to the official scoring rules.

I’m just waiting for the first time the phrase “Dick move” gets used in this year’s Olympics. :smiley:

And no male gymnast will ever do the “Dick move”.

Men don’t compete on the beam anyway.

I know. Take a look at the picture.

The gif had me wincing even more.

I saw the picture. You think male gymnasts don’t rack themselves on the regular when they’re doing pommel horse?

Here’s a video of “The Dick”.

I bet announcers will Fronkensteen the pronunciation of her name to get around the awkwardness. I suggest “dee-kay” or “dee-skuh” (with the ‘c’ in its alternate ‘s’ sound).

Og forbid gymnastics competitions ever get held on Uranus.

Deliberately, as a specific move?

This move, done correctly, wouldn’t smash the package either. You land on your upper thighs, not directly on your crotch.

Of course, training for it would be quite painful.

And the caption for the first picture: “Dick mounting…”

Why didn’t they invent it before? When i was 15 i needed that. I bought my first gymnastics leotard and took trains with gymnasts at 8. But had struggle with routine uniqueness. This move is quite amazing yet looks simple