H.P. Lovecraft Beer!!

I clicked on the Boston Phoenix Site, and one page has not juast one but two ads for “Demon’s Hop Yard. New England’s NEW Sopecialty Beer!”. Here’s the page, although I suspect the ads will change and disappear with time:


(For referernce, the ads direct you to originalbeers.com )

It’s sneaky. Surely the makers must know that “The Devil’s Hopyard” is a setting in Lovecraft’s story “The Dunwich Horror.” It even shows up, under that name, in the 1970 bad Lovecraft adaptation of the story (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065669/ )

I wonder how many customers or potential customers know about this?

(In the flick, the Devil’s Hopyard is depicted as an extremely unlikely stone construction with torches and steps and statues next to a Cormanesque seashore. Supposedly a structure “of unknown origin”. Anything like thyat on the NE coastline would be a major tourist attraction, filled with day-glo pennants and bumper stickers and suchlike, and a pretty rough place for a human scarifice. The reality (and, S.Y. Joshi to the contrary notwithstanding, I think this the likely oriin) in Mystery Hill/Pattee’s Caves/America’s Stonehenge at North Salem, N.H. is a lot less impressive. But not a bad place for a beer.

Meh. Where’s the beer crafted unter the antediluvian R’lyeh beer laws of 42,000 BC? Is North Salem near Innsmouth?

Do they serve this at the Shub-Niggurathskeller?

AWESOME. 100 points for that one!

H.P. Lovecraft beer - the beer for lovers. One bottle, and you’re ready to be eaten. :smiley:

I had hoped someone had actually brewed “Shuggoth’s Old Peculiar”

(From the Gaiman short story by the same name. Basically Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and blue-collar Cthulhu cultists. Well worth checking out if a Lovecraft fan)

Well, it’s not Shuggoth’s Old Peculiar, but there is this:

Beer Bottle

From a harbourside tavern in Athens… :slight_smile:

Everybody loves craft beer.

So Cthulhu and Glaaki walk into a bar…

Shamble. Not walk, shamble! Have you no respect for tradition? :wink:
I can just see the ad campaign now: “Three bottles and you won’t just see the Crawling Chaos; you’ll be the Crawling Chaos!” :smiley:

“Enjoy a Great Old One tonight. You may never get to do it again.”

Ya know, Devil’s Hopyard is actually a pretty spiffy park in real life?