h2o2 in my ear

me and hubby were sitting here and i thought i might have a build up of wax in my left ear so i asked him to get me the hydrogen peroxide and a cotton ball.

h: why
me"to pour in my ear. and the cotton ball to soak it up when i tilt my head back the other way.
h: no! i will not be a party to this! what is wrong with you? don’t pour peroxide in your ear!

so i called my mom to confirm that this was proper., She wouldn’t back me up!!!

so, to relinquish your fears, no harm was done. i got the wax out.

but is this an acceptable method, or am i, as they say, a freak?

It’s reasonably safe, using the typical 3% peroxide solution sold for medicinal purposes, provided you are careful not to get it in your eyes. A lot of people swear by it, and a lot of health information sites will mention using it:


I happen to have a little bottle of murine ear drops here, sold expressly for wax removal - it’s 6.5% carbamide peroxide, in a solution of alcohol and glycerin. Like the Like hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide is also a terrific oxidizer, with dangerous-sounding safety data:


Nonetheless, it’s used in ear drops and tooth whiteners.


At one time, I had a lot of ear wax built up in my ear. The doctors poured hydrogen peroxide in my ear, had me tilt my head for ten minutes, and flushed the gunk out with a warm mixture of H202 and water. The only bad part is the sound of rice crispies in milk playing over and over again for a half an hour afterwards.

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My doctor told me to do the same thing when I went it and had a buildup of earwax removed. To keep it from clogging up with gunk again, put a few drops of standard supermarket-variety peroxide (we’re not talking about rocket-fuel grade stuff) in each ear, let it dissolve the wax and swab out gently. I do it after each shower. Bubbly feeling inside my head certainly wakes me up in the morning!

Well, I once was the designated ear cleaner in a general practice doctor’s office.

I used 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water, and inserted the mix with a bulb syringe. Sometimes I just let it sit a while, and sometimes I used the bulb to gently (alert- key word here) irrigate the ear canal.

You would NOT BELIEVE the stuff that can collect in an ear (something new for all you obsessive types to worry about, eh?)!

I use peroxide too but it can dry out the membranes if you use it a lot. I’ve found that a water pik is an excellent irrigation tool if you use ot on low and fill it with warm water. Amazing the crud that will be washed out. My ears have always been prone to plugging with wax and one ear canal has scar tissue from an infection so it’s a somewhat frequent process for me.

I’ve never tried H2O2 in my ear but will keep this in mind. Usually, I’ll just use a wooden stick Q-tip after a shower to CAREFULLY swab anything out. Have done this for many years without any problems.

But speaking of H2O2, if you get some 30% or 40% from the beauty supply store, mix a supply of half and half with standard 3%, it makes a very good mouthwash and teeth whitener to use after brushing (once per day).

This seems like a really bad idea. The peroxide they sell at the beauty store is not just peroxide and water - there’s other stuff in it. And it’s certainly not drug grade, either. Cosmetics have far fewer regulations for purity than anything I’d want to put in my mouth.

I have no info on the ear thing, but my doc told me that most people overuse hydrogen peroxide on wounds and such. Once it’s clean, STOP using it. News to me, wanted to pass it on.

As for mouthwash, I used the 3% stuff as mouthwash after some dental surgery to uncover a tooth that was being uncooperative during orthodontics.

It’s the foulest tasting stuff I’ve EVER put in my mouth. Blech. YMMV.

My doctor told me using hydrogen peroxide in your ears could lead to ear infections. This Site confirms that and has another suggestion:

I had my ear wax removed by a nurse who squirted hydrogen peroxide solution into my ears, and that was less than a year ago. I wonder if it makes your ear hairs go blonde?

Especially during the summer, when all sorts of things get in my ears (from swimming in the ocean), I use H2O2 to clean my ears. I let it sit for about 5 minutes, and then drain into a dry washcloth, and then to avoid incubating any bacteria, dry the ear with a cotton swab. Because I don’t have to press or probe, I stand less chance of damaging my ear, and because the crud has already fizzed loose, the dry swab usually catches a few straggler bits. It’s always interesting to take a look at what’s been traveling around in your head with you.

No, that is not correct. Go read some labels. It’s just water and H2O2. The stuff I use is called Clairoxide.

Yeah! How about some hair mites. :slight_smile:


If you have a perforated ear drum do not use peroxide or anything else to clean your ears.

Ear wax


(Who just back from having infected perforated ear vacuumed out again)