HA HA! - Stupid paedo!


I can’t help laughing at the stupid chump. He took the trouble to obscure his face in photographs of him having sex with children, but he used method that could be reversed to recover most of the orginal picture information.


That’s too funny*. What a total dipshit. I can imagine the German equivalent of “D’OH!!!” escaping his lips when he saw himself on Europe’s Most Wanted. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • no, I don’t mean the crime itself.

Hopeful he will be caught, tried, convicted, and sent to prison where someone will correct his face to look like the original pictures on his website.


These aren’t usually the brightest guys- Gary Glitter was nabbed when he took his kiddie porn laden computer to the shop for repairs. :o

And Gary has done nothing in the 10+ years since then to dispel the idea that he’s a nitwit completely at the mercy of his sick desires. Did his recent SE Asian debacles trip your radar?

Nice unmasking.

Tho I bet there’s lots of ‘home photographers’ showing their (or their SO’s) naughty bits on the web with blurred faces who are now gonna sweat bullets to realize those effects can be reversed!

The more the merrier.

Yes, sweating bullets, but at least their SOs are old enough to drive.

What’s this world coming to when someone convicted of kiddie porn charges can’t even go to Vietnam in the company of a 12 year old girl without people assuming the worst? :slight_smile:

If they’re blurred, they’re probably safe - this guy did a spiral distortion that is easily reversed by just doing a spiral distortion the other direction.

And it really makes it one of those rare cases where the only appropriate word is…

pwned :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, I hate paediatricians!

Since I saw this, I haven’t been able to stop thinking: Thank God evil people tend to be stupid. I feel like grabbing him by the place where his lapels ought to be if he weren’t raping a kid and scream “BLACK SQUARE, YOU FUCKING IDIOT! BLACK FUCKING SQUARE! YOU CAN DO IT IN MS PAINT!”.

So…where are his lapels when he is raping a kid? :confused:


So this must’ve been what I was watching at the gym…

CNN was on without sound and some guys face kept unswirling. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what the heck was going on?

This whole videotaping illegal acts thing has always been a mystery to me.

If you were at the gym and some guy’s face kept unswirling, I’m surprised you were able to concentrate on CNN at all. Especially if the sound was off. :wink:

It’s simple enough; an awful lot of criminals are fools.

I’m reminded of a crook who stole an instant camera from a cop’s desk, took a picture of his own face to see if it worked, and tossed the photo into the cop’s wastebasket.

If it were Larry King’s face :eek:

Does that work though? I seem to recall that pasting one image over another is just that–and that the pasted image can be removed later by…people who can do that sort of thing. No?

Well at the gym it’s a common occurrence, I rarely see it on CNN though…