Haagen-dazs: "All Trans Fat here occurs naturally in dairy"

Is that true? Cookies n’ cream has .5 trans fat a servin’. Is their little disclaimer legit, or am i being POISONED by the transdeath?

“All Trans Fat in this product occurs naturally in dairy”

Why no other ice cream says the same?

“Eighty percent of trans fats come from processed foods; the other 20% occur naturally in meat and dairy products.”

From here.

On average, fatty acids extracted from milk contain between 2-6% w/w of trans fatty acids
Zeitschrift für Ernährungswissenschaft,Volume 34, Number 1 / March, 1995, pp 27-29


Shining the Spotlight on Trans Fats from Harvard, School of Public Health.


Haagen-dazs is notoriously high in fat in general, so it stands to reason that it’d be higher in natural trans fats than most other brands, too. Probably there’s some threshold value below which they don’t need to list trans fats at all on the label, and most ice creams fall below that point, but Haagen-dazs doesn’t, so they have to list them. But they also don’t want to freak people out, so they make sure to also point out that it’s natural, which for some odd reason reassures people.

Nothing says it can’t be both. The trans fats really are naturally-occurring, and they really are just as bad for you as the same substances made in a factory. “Natural” does not mean “good”.

Of course, you probably already know that too much Haagen-dazs is bad for you, anyway. It’s a balancing act between how bad it is for you, and how much you enjoy it. This would be true even without the trans-fats.

Precisely. In fact, that phrase ought to be printed on every food package, never mind the other disclaimers.

This is not, according to my knowledge, true.

Conjugated linoleic acid, one of the naturally occurring trans-fats, is also a cis-fat:it has one double bond in each configuration. It’s the cis-style double bond that makes unsaturated fats in some ways healthier than saturated fats, by causing the chain of carbons to bend - a trans-style double bone causes the molecule to remain in a fairly straight line.

Vaccenic acid, the other major naturally occurring trans-far, is converted to a conjugated acid similar to the one above in mammals and has been shown to perhaps have health benefits. Wikipedia cites http://www.afns.ales.ualberta.ca/news.cfm?story=75846 for that claim, and is the source of all the information in this post.