Hacker reveals DNC's candid (negative) attitudes toward BLM

Is it me, or do you get the feeling that the Trump team is clearly getting help from anti-American hacktivists?

Like it or not, these are going to be serious forces to reckoned with. They’re going to try very hard to sow some serious doubts among Clinton’s base of support about her authenticity as a candidate, and they’re going to work overtime to convince moderate whites to stay home on election day.

It really doesn’t sound that bad. The only bad part was ‘do not offer support for concrete policy positions’. Some of BLMs positions like ending police militarization, investment in education, criminal justice reform, etc. are not that bad. Other ones like reparations are never going to happen obviously.

I’m surprised the American media, political establishment, public, etc. are so hum-ho about the Russians trying to influence our election.

This memo is allegedly from the DCCC, not the DNC. Headline aside, how is this even critical or condescending? The memo points out that BLM are activists, so the candidate shouldn’t unequivocally accept any of their policy positions (politics 101). Okay, that maybe doesn’t sound that great, but it goes on to say that the campaign should be receptive to hearing from BLM and that the candidate should be willing to meet with BLM, and further that the candidate shouldn’t say that “all lives matter” or ask them to address black-on-black crime first. Seems pretty evenhanded to me.

Certainly. I think it’s been proven conclusively that Russia is trying to put their thumb on the scale.

I also think that the leaked documents should be taken with a grain of salt. We have evidence that the hackers are altering some of the documents that they’re releasing.

I haven’t bothered to look at this latest leak and I’m not saying that it’s been altered. Just that we have to verify the information from the hackers. We can’t just trust that they’re on the side of freedom of information.

I hope the next president gets serious about protecting America’s cyber infrastructure.

Speaker of the House suggests that law makers shouldn’t commit to specific legislation on the spur of the moment when meeting with special interest representitives. And would prefer to meet with them in small groups in which dialogue can take place rather than addressing a large group of angry protesters. Film at 11:00.

I’m not sure it’s the President’s job to protect the DNC or DCCC’s cyber infrastructure.

I don’t disagree with any of this. But tactics like this are a taste of what is sure to come down the stretch. There’s a reason Bannon was hired, and I seriously doubt that Paul Manafort has stepped away from the Trump campaign. Hell, knowing that Trump could be president he’ll probably double down, ask his Kremlin connections for more money, and demand a presidential pardon – and who knows he might well get it.

Other than maybe labeling them “radical,” there’s nothing to object to in that document at all.

Yes, but you actually read the document. Others will simply read the headlines and re-tweet.

You have to stop biting your nails over this kind of shit.

I wish there were a Ask the Trump Supporter thread. I’d ask what they think about the fact that Putin, a serious U.S. adversary, is rooting for Trump to win.

Yeah, Hillary has an outstanding record of securing her cyber infrastructure.

As for the Russians and Trump, of course Russia is rooting for Trump, he’s already said that NATO isn’t worth supporting. Putin has eyes for some NATO countries. Sounds like Putin and Trump would make a great team - unless you’re in Europe.

She sure has! It wasn’t her server that was hacked.