Hackers Crash NYSE / CNBC Web Sites - DJIA Drops 1,200 Points!

At the time of this post, hackers have changed the DJIA closing numbers on the New Your Stock Exchange web site and the CNBC / MSN Money Web site.

Both show the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashing 1,206.50 points down to 8,448.10.


Cool! “Trust your Technolust!” “Hack the planet!”

Network vandals are “crackers”.

Sorry, “irregardless” of some earlier meanings, “hackers” and “crackers” have become one in the current jargon.

And screw 'em.

Hmmm … how did Duckster know about this hack so quickly? … hmmm :smiley:

Mebbe he’s a quacker?

Sunspace wrote

No they’re not.

I thought crackers were the people who rev. engineered programs and made patches and cracks (hence the term).

How about ending the “hacker/cracker” debate and just calling them “assholes”?

“Assholes have changed the numbers…” See how well that works?

I like your way of thinking, Otto. Now class, shall we devote the remainder of our thread to devising various appropriate tortures for (illegal) hackers and crackers? I’m going to go with something innovative this morning, probably involving high pressure hot scorpion enemas.

I agree, Otto. But the thing is, there are those of us who refer to/work with/repair the damage done by hackers in real life, and that term doesn’t fly too well off-board. (Although in some cases, even harsher words are used).

In the real world, professionals refer them as hackers.

It’s the accepted term.
It’s the dictionary term.
It’s the industry-accepted term.
It’s the historically-accurate term.
It’s the term. period.

Of course, they’re sometimes called crackers or other terms too. And that’s fine. I have no problem with any name they’re called. But it really annoys me when someone not in the industry trys to correct my industry-grammar.

Try telling your mechanic that he should stop saying “carburetor” and use the (so-called) appropriate term “vaporizer” and see how far you get.