Hackintosh? Any experiences?

I was cruising around killing time at work and came across the term Hackintosh, which apparently means using loading tools and whatnot to load a version of OS X onto a non-apple machine (desktop, laptop, netbook).

Anyone done this here? Have experiences with the process? I have a basement full of older PC’s (well, 2 or 3 anyways) and I would totally give this a shot, but I have no idea how hard it is for the average user (myself).

My first biz partner did one…it wasnt horribly hard, then again, we are techs…

Right, that’s my concern. I’m better at this stuff than your average grandparent, but I’m not at the “oh, just cut out that line in the registry” level. lol

I built one.
It’s a monster Core i7 2600K machine using a Gigabyte ga-z77x-ud5h motherboard.

I’m pretty happy with it. It’s super fast (I’ve got 16G of RAM and an SSD for the boot drive), and reasonably stable. The only issues are: the built-in sound doesn’t work (at least, not on Snow Leopard, it’s supposed to work under Lion), so I have a $2 USB sound dongle, and built-in FireWire only works if the machine never goes to sleep.

TonyMacX86 is the place to go for information.

When it works properly, it’s as easy as installing any other operating system. You make a partition for it (or just get a separate hard drive), download and burn the disk, put it in the computer, and restart and follow the prompts.

Back when I tried it, the big problem was just compatibility. Apple designs the OS for the hardware they use. The “hack” part of the name comes from what people have to do to make it install on other hardware. But it’s nothing you really have to do–you just download an installer disk that already has the stuff on it. There are other ways to do it that involve having both the original disk and another disk, but I think those are just for legal reasons.

Personally, I feel that, if you feel like you’d be stealing otherwise, just buy a real OS X disk. You don’t have to use it to do the installation.