Had a dream about the SDMB

Got up this morning after having a dream that I’d somehow gotten a job posting to the board. I was in a big Office Space cubeville setting and each cubicle was home to 4 dopers. I was placed at a terminal between Reeder and OpalCat. Both were busy, typing away in various threads. There was an unknown female doper in our cubicle as well and when I settled into my chair she spoke to me. She told me that under no circumstances, was I supposed to cross this imaginary line into her small spot in the cubicle. She seemed very paranoid and snotty.

The office equipment was outdated and kinda dirty, like they couldn’t afford to upgrade or even buy nice office chairs. For some reason, everyone had phones with headsets, as if we were in some kind of call center. Cigarette smoke had stained the drop ceiling and hung heavy in the air. I could hear people laughing, gossiping and arguing in the distance.

After I cleaned my headset and put it on, I logged on to the boards. I was so nervous that I felt sick. Then the manager, a woman appeared, and asked me if I was doing alright. In our short conversation I asked her what I was being paid per hour. Her reply- $4.44

And that’s the dream. I’m attributing it to starting new antidepressant meds.

Seeker74 I have the answer as to why the office was so shabby. See, there are those of us (a bunch of us) who paid $4.95 to join up just so we could have the distinction of being Charter Members. You’re being paid $4.44 an hour to post and entertain us. The other 51 cents was used to furnish the office. That’s why it’s so shabby. You ain’t gettin’ much for 51 cents. :smiley:

Hmmmm. Interesting, swampbear.
Since they upped the price of membership, maybe I’ll have another dream where I get a raise… Or at least a new chair that doesn’t smell of someone else’s stale farts.

Sorry Seeker74. I didn’t mean to snap at you, but someone has been stealing my pens. I’ve very defensive about my pens.

Oh that’s alright. I guess I should stop fantasizing spiking your coffee with exlax… :smiley:

< snort >

I am never ever letting anyone else sit in mychair again.

You can use my chair. I fart so often that they never get a chance to get stale. Always fresh.

The other day I dreamt that I was in my neighbors’ back-yard for some obscure reason, and I noticed that under their porch they had a big ol’ dog dish that had JARBABY printed on it.

I was standing there composing a post in my head about how my neighbors named their dog “Jarbaby,” when I realized that it was a really big dish. I looked around the yard and realized further that there were numerous turds laying about – and that they were really big turds.

Then I tried to remember why I was standing there at all, and began speculating that I might prefer to be somewhere else entirely.

I don’t know why they left off the final “j.”

There’s really only one question that enters my mind…

Did you say “Hi Opal!”?


Thanks, but no Sol. I prefer my own fresh air biscuits.

O Glorious Day! I’ve been “Hi, Opaled!”