had Yitzhak Rabin something to do with the murder of Yitzhak Rabin ?

There have been some talk about this lately and I’ve also heard about a trial in Israel that are going to tuoch this issue.

There is many conspiracy theories on the net so I’m not sure what to believe.

here is a link about it:

Are there any thoughts about this that can enlighten me ?

He was shot by a madman, case closed.

Nothing’s had much effect so far!

I think gobear probably has covered it.

I just had to respond to answer the question asked in the thread title:

Yes, he definitely did. He was the victim!

sorry folks, I made a mistake
It should be: had Shimon Peres something to do with the murder of Yitzhak Rabin ?


Even the corrected version doesn’t make any sense. It’s getting into tinfoil-hat territory.

Rabin was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald, which was actually the nom de guerre of J.D. Salinger.

It’s in REVELATIONS, people!


Is the next thread title change gonna be “Did Baruch Goldstein have something to do with the murder of Yitzhak Rabin?”

At least it would get us out of tin-foil hat territory…

Shoot Sua, this board is about figthing ignorance.

I don’t want to see you posting anymore misinformation in the future.

The name of the book is REVELATION.

Hey, I’m just glad to finally find a thread that I can feel good about posting a naked rolleyes smilie with no commenting text. I’ve always wanted to do it, and now I finally had a chance. So just based on that, this thread was worth it.

doesn’t anyone know anything about this ?

Sure. I do.

And I’ll tell you all about it if you tell me what you know about the connections between the Illuminati, Area 51 and Walt Disney’s frozen corpse.

There’s nothing to know, it’s utter hogwash. Is this answer not acceptable for some reason?

Like every other conspiracy theory, long on accusations, short on facts.

I had avoided opening this thread since the answer seemed so obvious, POWER_station.

Of course Yitzhak Rabin had something to do with the murder of Yitzhak Rabin!

General Rabin was in the middle of a peace-process; one that seemed to have a good chance of succeeding.

His killer, in sharp contrast to the idiocy posted earlier suggesting mere insanity, wanted the opposite of the present Palestinian position: The State of Israel with no Palestinians. Gen. Rabin was close to ending that possibility by defining a State of Israel, as well as a State of Palestine–both of which would contain as respected citizens both Jews and Palestinians.

When one embarks onto a process, one always runs the risk that someone else so-hates your position that he is willing to murder you. So happened to Rabin–who, as a soldier, always knew that danger existed.

Gen. Rabin was a brave man who did his best to take a road seldom travelled: That of peace prior to the elimination of the enemy.

Rabin’s murderer was also a brave man: willing to risk his life to support **his **position, his vision. What we don’t like about the murderer is the extremely anti-democratic, anti-Libertarian, anti-republican method he used to support his position over the more-democratic position of General Rabin.

As an after-thought and for whatever it’s worth, the murderer succeeded: He** is** getting his way. :frowning:


WTF? http://www.geocities.com/dr_b_goldstein/