Hah! What have y'all done that was so damn impressive this morning?

I just spelt “paraphernalia” correctly in one attempt, without really thinking about it! :cool:

So what have you guys done that was so damn impressive this cloudy, January Sunday morning?

I have a cold. My first nose-blow this morning was truly epic.

I made a pot of coffee and cleaned up some dog puke. Not necessarily in that order - I figured the less awake I was while cleaning the better it would be.

I had donuts for breakfast, loaded about 200 ebooks onto my tablet and commented on somebody’s blog. Now I’m trying to get Dropbox to work on my tablet…

While I was making the bed this morning I let go a truly epic fart - all four cats ran out of the room at high speed. But the cats aren’t what made the fart epic - the fact that the neighbor in her drive outside the window shoveling snow stopped and looked around very confused, trying to pinpoint the sound is what made it a fart to be proud of.

I waxed my eyebrows and read every interesting post on the dope! And I have enjoyed half a pot of coffee.

All that while still in my robe.

I wrote a to do list.

Went out back and chopped ice for an hour, then came back in and made coffee and a Vegemite and toasted cheese sandwich. Now watching an advert for Dean Martin celebrity roasts.

Whoops! Time to take a dump and then have a shower! :eek:

I chipped the last of the ice out of my driveway … and then fought back a coronary (it was harder work that I thought it would be).

I typed in “fortuitous” expecting auto correct to pop up but it didn’t!

Well done, sir!

I got out of bed, made a cup of coffee and made it into the den without waking the Incomparable Sunflower. She needs her rest

I prepared a pot roast for the crock pot, with potatoes, carrots and onions.

Well we have done the Doper Community proud, my friends!

terentii Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts? OMG, did you do some time travel this morning? Well done! Well done indeed!

Got a lot of music work done.

I put the last of the holiday rum into the last of the holiday coffee for breakfast, officially signalling the end of the holiday season. I followed it up with a (short) trip to the gym, officially signalling the start of the holiday decadence removal season.

I read the OP and superhumanly restrained myself from making a a snarkingly disparaging comment.

Slept till 11:30, which I haven’t done in years. (Of course, for reasons I can’t explain I was wide awake – to the point of getting up and watching a movie and knitting – for about four hours in the middle of the night, so the total number of hours slept wasn’t particularly impressive.)

Mi Esposa has spent the last ten days down with the Flu, and now from the after effects which in her case somehow includes vertigo. I woke up a little early (sorry Cuervo), cleaned up and swept the kitchen, started a load of dishes, a load of laundry, made coffee, prepared her a cup, and made breakfast followed by which I again cleaned up my mess from breakfast.

Oh and the litter boxes.

And sent the boss an e-mail.

Checked the Dope.

Attached the side struts on a trebuchet. Almost done with it now.