Haiku about ISO 9000

I wrote a few sonnet about it too but I left them in the car. Today I observed on an ISO 9000 audit. It was hell. Here goes. (BTW, “ISO” should be pronounced “Ice-oh” or some of these don’t fit)
Documented lies
Audited for conformance
ISO 9000

I’m screaming inside
Nine hours of these damned checklists
I want to go home

Boring procedures
Who really cares, anyway?
Irrelevant crap

Zombies in white shirts
Shamble though “quality” stuff
God, just 10:30

“Quality management”
gobbledygook 'round the world.
Russia made the list.

Do what is written
then write down all that you do
then just ship the crap.

Our procedures say
how to make a life jacket
but could be concrete.