Hair growing back a different color after an injury

Hello Everyone,

My Great Dane, Gunner, got into a fight with another dog about 7 months ago. Unfortunately he ended up with a few cuts on his face. The lacerations healed fine, but we’ve noticed that the fur that has grown back is white. Hid face is all gray and black. Why would hair/fur growing back where there was an injury change color?

One of my sisters got a head injury that turned into a black spot. At first she was troubled that her blond hair had a black streak.

Then came boys.

She was thrilled she had such a unique thing that other girls of the time could not copy completely at that time.

Had a lot of critters over the years that did that.

Why, I have no clue but IMO it is not uncommon.

Waiting for the reason from the scientist or those with better GoogleFu.