Hair Help.

I have really long hair, basically because I hate cutting it. Several people have told me that it is really nice which is cool I guess.

Anyway there is this chick at the bar I half-way flirt with who works at a salon. She has always said my hair would be even better if I put some treatment stuff on it, which I have never done. A couple days ago she brought some sample stuff to the bar and gave it to, me, so I figured what the hell and tried it.

The directions say, take a shower, then with your hair still wet take a marble sized blob and finger comb it through your hair, the leave it alone. I tried that, but it all got stuck where I first touched my hair on top of my head. And then when my hair dried it ended up as some wierd corn-row looking things where my fingers seperated the hair, held together by in waxy strand-blobs.

How the hell is this stuff supposed to work?

First smear the stuff all over your palms (break up the marble) and THEN finger comb it through your hair.

That should help disperse it evenly. :slight_smile:

More information, please. What’s the name of the product? Does it also have listed its “genre,” so to speak? Something like gel, anti-humectant, pomade, etc.

It sounds to me like you put too much on in one spot. Put the marble-sized blob in the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together to get the goo all over both palms. Then run your hands gently and lightly over your hair, top to tips, a couple times. I suspect you may have some damage at the ends, and she may have recommended the goo to help control frizz. In that case, I would make sure to direct proportionately more goo to the ends.

One other thing: it is always possible to put more goo in your hair if you didn’t put enough in on the first go around. It is, however, not possible to take goo out if you start with too much. Your options are to re-shampoo, or to use a do-over product (like baby powder or like this stuff).

Good luck.

What does the label say it is? I’m guessing it’s some kind of texturizer or smoothing serum.

If you decide to try it again, after you squeeze the marble-sized blob into your hand, rub your hands together. This should give you a thin coating of the product all over your palms. Now try running your hands through your hair. The goal is to get a very light coating on your hair.

I don’t know. I think maybe if you rub your hands together after you squeeze the marble-sized blob on to your palm, and then run your hands lightly through your hair, it might work better. Of course, I could be wrong and maybe someone else might have a different suggestion.

Treatment sounds more to me like some sort of conditioner than a styling product. Is that what it is? Or is it a pomade or wax or something?

Yeah, rub your hands together with the goo…then rake your fingers through your hair.

Also, when I use styling products or treatments that say “smooth on hair and leave in” I always rinse with clear water, just a little. I find it will help evenly distribute the stuff throughout my hair, and it doesn’t leave so much weight on my hair that way.

Whatever you do, don’t rub your hands together with the marble size glob of goo on them. If you apply it to your hair after doing that, you’ll have big problems.

Start at the ends and move your way up…less funky feeling on the scalp.

Why is everyone assuming it’s a styling product and not some sort of conditioning treatment? The OP didn’t even describe the product in question - and hasn’t bothered to clarify - and a marble-sized glob of almost any styling product would make your hair disgustingly greasy if it’s anywhere short of butt-length.

Stop putting goo in your beautiful hair. Men with long hair usually don’t do the bad things to it that we women do, so you don’t need to “fix” anything. (you haven’t permed, colored or otherwise tortured it, have you?)
“Stylists” just want to sell you stuff. They tell you you’re treating damage, when in fact, shampoo and a bit of conditioner is all anyone needs. Your hair is not alive. Cut off the split ends and it will remain beautiful.

I know I’m gonna get flack for this. Sigh.