Hair on the back of our necks???

Why is it that on people (only men that I’ve noticed) have these two extensions of their hair on the back of their necks? If your a guy who shaves his head like me, you’ll notice that on your neck, there are two continuations of your hair going down the back of your neck. They are on either side of your neck muscles. Does anyone have an explanation?

no more remarkable that we get hair there than on the top of the head, or in the armpit, or wherever. Now if you had a patch of hair somewhere that other people don’t, then that would be worth asking about :slight_smile:

That extra hair is like those extra buttons on some shirts. When you lose hair in front, you can transplant some of that back-of-the-neck hair to your receding hairline above your forehead.

Ray (hair today, gone to mower)

What I really wanted to know was why are there only two lines of hair down the neck? Why not an even blend of hair down the neck? What is the purpose of these two locks?

lard i seen a few folks just have one down the middle.It is just the hair pattern.Male pattern starts in the center leaving that fringe.people used to try the Over lap but now days most go your route.look at a aminule and see how the hair on the back grows from the center towards the sides.See how your hair seems points toward your belly button?Maybe it is a carry over from when we were on all fours, which for me was last night when the damn dog took my sandal under the couch.Hope you don’t have a hairy back, youd nevr know where to stop shaving.

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I’m female, but I have the two streaks of hair down the back of my neck. They’re fairly downy, but visable enough when I’m wearing my hair short or up that I usually have them shaved. Always a razor-burn situation.

Why are they there? Howabout “because there is no selective pressure against them.” But then maybe its those shaved streaks on the back of my neck that are causing men to run away from me in horror…

If we didn’t have them, what would stand up when we were frightened?

“Come on, Phonics Monkey–drum!”

Send your excess neck hair to Greathouse. He’s having trouble growing a beard. :slight_smile:

(GH: just kidding!)

Maybe streamlined hair from when God let us come out of the water.

I had a friend that was hairy. If he didn’t shave everyday, his beard would reach around under his ear and connect with that neck hair. It was great for party games.

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Here I thought this was another one from Squrlbcub!