Hairiest People in the World?

I realize that Caucasians are generally seen as being hairier than other races (Blacks or Asians)— But I was wondering if there were particular nationalities that tended to be more hirsute than others ? Or is it just an individual kind of thing? (In my own experience, I have noticed that two acquaintances of mine in years past-- a Turk and an Italian-- had extremely profuse body hair, all over the chest and stomach, on the back, arms and legs, basically just all over; plus, they could have shaved twice a day and still wind up with “five oclock shadow”! Their male relatives also displayed the same characteristics!) What do you think the purpose (if any!) would be of all this hair? Could it possibly have anything to do with Neanderthal ancestry in times past? Or am I way off course here? Any information would be vastly appreciated!