Hairy leg poll (for those attracted to women)

This poll is targeted at straight men or lesbian/bisexual women, i.e., anyone who is attracted to women.

I have a theory about this topic and am curious to see whether the poll results bear me out.

The question is: Do you prefer hairy legs, shaven legs, or no preference at all? For hairy legs, assume that the woman in question never shaves, so it’s not a matter of “a little overgrown,” it’s full-on unshaven hairy legs.

I’ve never dated someone whose leg hair was approaching afro mode, or anything, but I’ve never really cared much about the state of someone’s leg hair. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but whenever someone I’ve dated has complained, “Oh, but I need to shave! I’m all stubbly/hairy!” it has never looked or felt like anything to worry about from my perspective.

Perhaps I’ve just never noticed a woman who has “full on hairy” legs as defined in the OP.

No, if someone says, “Ooh, I need to shave,” that indicates that they normally shave but have let things go a bit. I am talking more like this, i.e., she does not shave her legs at all, ever, period.

Oh. Well…OK. It’s too late to change my poll vote, but that is a rather unattractive look to me, so I guess count me in the “shaven” category.

I’ve never dated anyone who didn’t shave their legs, so I don’t know how much it would bug me. I guess it depends how hairy the girl’s legs were. But I know that I prefer shaved legs.


Yeah, reaffirming my vote.

My theory about this, btw – which by the poll results so far seems to be accurate, although it’s still early – is that there are some people who prefer smooth legs, and there are some people who feel it should be up to the girl to decide what to do with her legs or genuinely just don’t care, but there is almost nobody who actively prefers the look of very hairy legs.

I mean, this is probably not revolutionary, but I’ve always found it interesting that while I’ve been with guys who said that they like girls either way, I’ve never run into one who said, “Oh yeah, I love hairy legs, please don’t shave!”

I really couldn’t say because I don’t think I have ever seen a woman who didn’t shave her legs.

Actually, you probably have, but many women who don’t shave their legs also don’t display their unshaven legs. (Voice of experience - I only shave 'em when I’m going to be in a dress, skirt, or shorts, and I might go years wearing just pants)

I prefer shaved legs. It’s not a deal-breaker, but hairy legs aren’t nearly as nice to look at or touch.

Hair between the legs is fine. I’m not interested in a barbi doll.

<shudder> even thinking about female hairy legs squicks me out.

I have no preference in others, but I thoroughly enjoy my own unshaven legs (and pits).

Whenever my wife says, “I need to shave my legs” mentally I’m like, “Yes, yes you do.”

I much prefer clean shaven. Hairy squicks me out.

Wasn’t there a similar discussion about more intimate areas recently?

Do most women look like that when they don’t shave their legs, though? I didn’t shave mine at all for for many years, and still let it grow in the winter sometimes, and I only have fine light hair on my shins (of course I am white and blondish). Nothing anyone could see (or photograph) unless they look closely.

Interesting. Well, I’m sure it varies by individual. I have sometimes gone for a few months without shaving in the winter, and my, um, “growth,” looks a lot closer to the Mo’Nique picture than what you describe. I’m white, very fair, but naturally brunette, just for the record.

I’m somewhere between the two extremes: when I don’t shave you couldn’t see my leg hair from across the room, but you could see it pretty clearly if you were sitting next to me and bothered to look.

My husband may actually prefer unshaven. Or rather, he doesn’t really see the point in shaving them and thinks it’s ever so slightly silly of me to spend time shaving.

How does one “actively prefer” something?

I rarely even look at a woman’s legs.

Light/fine hair doesn’t bother me, but sasquatch legs might take some getting used to.

I prefer the feel of bare skin, so I voted for shaved legs, but the truth is more than that: I just think all hair is useless and wish we had none.