What happened in Mecca during the 1979 Hajj takeover of the Kaaba?

The home team elected to receive and the visitors took the east end of the field.

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OK. 1979 - Islamic revolution in Iran. Essentially, there was a lot of Shi’a opposition against the Shah of Iran, and on 16th January 1979, the Shah left Iran, and in February of that year, Ayatollah Khomeni came back to Iran, and became supreme spiritual leader of Iran.

During the 1979 Hajj, Iranians took over the Grand Mosque (as opposed to the Ka’abah, which is housed withing the Grand Mosque). They took hundreds of pilgrims hostage, and about 35 pilgrims were killed. This was essentially because of the Saudi government’s treatment of its Shia population - a protest rather than anything else. :rolleyes:

Here’s something of a reference.