Hall of Infamy?

In an another message board I went to there is a Hall of Infamy where banned members are listed and discussed. Should there be a similar thread for this site?

Nope. Why thresh old straw, or beat old bags of bones?

They can’t defend themselves, and we don’t want to encourage them by giving them the attention some of them crave.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

Sounds like a damn good way for us to attract even more trolls than we already have.

Exactly. For these excellent reasons, I can’t see that we would ever be inclined to have such a thing on this board.

Sounds like something somone can create on a website of their own and not here.

Mandatory Carry On reference:

Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it in for me!

Odd. I don’t know where that first exclamation mark came from in my post. It doesn’t appear in the Edit box.

You must have inadvertently put it in the post title box (as I did here), which does not appear in the edit box.

What infamy!

On the other side from “don’t feed the trolls”, it’s a really low class and creepy thing to do. I can’t see it serving any other purpose than being some way to be a dick to people who can’t defend themselves. It’s not like only trolls are banned, unless you use the current SDMB description of troll, which is “people who don’t fit in”.

I guess I just can’t see it being anything but a way for the people who invest a lot of status in fitting in to make themselves feel better.

The whole idea is petty and snobbish.

Posts would get lost in a thread the size that would become. It would be hard to find posts on the person in the thread anyway, because discussion on all the banned would get mixed together. Threads of massive size are frowned upon due to server issues. Currently a thread gets created and is allowed to sink into obscurity. I can’t think of a positive reason to keep one large file of sinners sent to Hell.

I generally like the way bannings are handled here, and think a mockery thread is definitely uncalled-for; however, I wouldn’t be averse to the idea of a simple announcement thread that’s closed to the public, where, at least for long-term members, bans and their reasons are noted – there were a couple of times lately where I’ve read a ‘banned’ under a familiar name and was left wondering, ‘whatever for?’. I know I could just PM a mod or something, but eh, I didn’t bother in the end, and except for a couple, I’ve already forgotten the names anyway. As for the ‘attention craving’-argument, I don’t really think anybody gets their jollies from having their names mentioned in such a thread; and even if they do, well, let 'em.

Generally, if a long-term member is banned because of his or her behavior, there will be a thread announcing that fact and providing links to the behavior that led to the banning.

If a long-term member is banned without such a thread, you can probably safely assume that there was sock activity involved.

I go on wrestling message boards a lot, embarassingly enough, and there was once actually a message board dedicated to trolls, douchebags and shitty mods on other wrestling message boards, and was a message board where you could actually talk about and ridicule them without penalty. They even held a “Douchebag of the Year Tournament” where users could vote in an elimination tournament to choose the worst poster.

The thing was, if you were one of those douchebags or trolls, you could sign up a user account and go on that message board, and attempt to defend yourself. Sadly, most of the time, those same trolls and douchebags true nature would take over and they would start trolling THAT message board, and usually would get tossed after getting mercilessly piled on by the regulars there.

I know it sounds pathetic on many levels:

  1. It was a pro wres message board
  2. Its was pro wres message board dedicated to other pro wres message boards

. . but it was hilarious.

We have the same thing, St. Anger. We call it a “snark” board, and due to our rules and etiquette, I cannot disclose its name or provide a link. I can, however, describe its purpose, which is to ridicule the SDMB, its staff, some members, and just certain threads from time to time. The Troglodytes who post there do so anonymously, and fancy themselves to be witty. They are, in fact, childish and idiotic with the writing skills of a fifth-grade dropout.

Regarding the OP, I agree with the general principle expressed by others here that bashing people who cannot defend themselves is untoward and unseemly — honestly the lowest of low class. It smacks of both cowardice and bullying, and in my opinion is beneath every member of the SDMB.

no u

16th post, ditches!

I wish there was a nostalgia-like thread for dear departed bannees. We’ve lost some great posters over the years, and a tribute-like thread could be a lot of fun. In the right forum (e.g., MPSIMS), insults could be kept out. That is, more remembering someone’s race to 10,000 posts (and silence at the cusp) rather than his proclivity for medical advice.

I have no idea if it would be approaching workable, if a Mod would kick me in the shins, or if the OP-based rules and parameters would fit on one page.

Only if we posted reminders every hour or so. :wink: There’s no rule against insulting ex-posters in MPSIMS.

I’m not speaking for the mods in general, but I don’t like the idea. It’s classless, it’s giving attention to the wrong people, and at some point, it’s good to move on.

What’s pathetic about that? I don’t see how wrestling boards are any more pathetic than any other fandom boards. Are sci-fi boards pathetic, simply by existing? Are baseball boards? Have some pride, man!

Okay, yeah, that is kinda pathetic.:wink: