Halle Berry's "Jinx" Movie Cancelled?

I was really looking forward to seeing her as Jinx (her character in the last Bond flick) again, but I have heard that they have decided to scrap the spinoff movie! Does any one know if this is true? If it is, I am very disappointed!

I kind of hope so, I would have liked to have seen Michelle Yeoh’s character in Tomorrow Never Dies, in her own movie, then you can do Jinx.

If so, thank God! Halle Berry is a great actress, but she absolutely blew in the Bond movie. Worst performance of the year, in my opinion.

IMDB had a mini-news segment on it yesterday. I’ve not seen anything else about it elsewhere though.

Personally, I’m happy they canned it. Halle Berry is overrated in looks and acting ability IMHO.

[Gratuitous, useless remark]

Can’t I do them both?


I agree with Intaglio and Munch - would much prefer to see Michelle Yeoh; Berry was awful in that role. For a person have credibility in that type of role, they have to appear athletic - Berry couldn’t punch, run, hit - anything. She’s real purty and curvy, but not athletic…

…forgot to mention - her lack of athleticism is a big reason I suspect Catwoman will suck - she won’t be able to carry the role unless it is edited and stunt-doubled properly and audiences have learned to look for that stuff…

Yeah, Jinx was just boring. A female Bond.

Yawn. What’s the point when we have the original one right here?

Sure, you can do them both - that might be a good movie in its self.

Michelle Yeoh probably could have carried her own franchise, beautiful, athletic, kicks ass - for real.

Correction. A female boring Bond, who needs cue cards to deliver her lines. And must wait a full second before delivering them when she should.

I sure hope it’s cancelled. She was a stupid character from a REALLY stupid movie. As far as I can tell Goldeneye is the only good Pierce Brosnon Bond movie, which kinda sucks because he’s a really good Bond. The people making these things seem to have forgotten that Bond is a spy who happens to also be James Bond. All of the movies have had Bond as an action&explosion character, which he isn’t supposed to be.

Don’t forget, too, that he’s only doing one more Bond film. Then he’ll be replaced by someone like Hugh Jackman.

To continue the hijack - I heard that Alexis Denisoff is shortlisted for the part, too.

Hijack continuing…I would love it if it were Clive Owen. And I’m not just saying that b/c he looked the part in a Tux in Croupier.

Thank God! She was the most annoying part of the movie.

back to the hijack…

Ditto what Dooku said, and not just because of how hot he looked in several different types of BMW for the commercials.

Again, ditto, but my positive feelings for the movie come simply from the presence of Sean Bean, not because of anything Brosnan did.