Halliburton gets how much of the $87 billion?

Pretty simple question, just wondering if Halliburton’s piece of that pie has been tabulated. Or are their expenses part of that number at all? How much has Halliburton been paid so far for their Iraq operations?

A bump and another question or two:
How much of that $87 billion is going to Afghanistan?
Is that in addition to the $1 billion we’re currently shelling out on a weekly basis?

The original Halliburton contract was part of a total allocation of no-bid contracts that was capped at 7.4 billion according to sources I have seen. However, the specific Halliburton oil field damage control contracts were capped at 1 billion and, as of a month ago, only about 700 million had been spent with most of the work done. I’m not sure if any of the 87 billion will go to no bid contracts since that was a stop gap measure to expedite the recovery.

As I understand it, the 87 billion is mostly Iraq, 20 billion to rebuilding Iraq and the remainder to maintaining the military presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan. However, since this is coming out of our Congress that can’t resist taking on special interests, who knows what will be in it. It currently has 32 million for New York City (security for diplomats). There is 50 million for rewards in tracking down bin Laden and, in addition, 2 million for rewards for tracking down “the person deemed most responsible for crimes against humanity in Sierra Leone”. Figure that one out!


According to WaPo, about 11.8 billion is going to Afghanistan, with 11 billion earmarked for military operations. Of the 71 billion for Iraq, 20 billion goes towards reconstruction, with the amount going to Halliburton not specified.

Anyone know to what extent Halliburton is likely to use subcontractors?