Halloween (2018 film) discussion. Spoilers obviously

I watched this last weekend and was wondering about some aspects of Laurie Strode and her attempts to defend herself against Michael Myers.

She had 40 years to prepare to defend herself against Michael, and she didn’t do a very good job in a lot of ways. Watching the film she made what, to me seemed like a wide range of tactical errors.

[li]She never used guard dogs. [/li][li]She had flood lights outside the house, but inside the house she didn’t have night vision cameras, thermal cameras, flood lights, etc. So she had no idea where inside the house Michael was. [/li][li]She stood next to the door, allowing Michael to grab her. [/li][li]Her basement hideout didn’t have an escape route [/li][li]When she walks into a dark room with a shotgun, she walks into the middle of the room rather than along the edges of the room.[/li][li]When Michael was trapped in the basement, she just sets the house on fire rather than shoot him in the head.[/li][li]The metal guards she uses on her doors have holes so small that she can’t shoot through them with her shotgun, also she seemingly can’t control the doors from her basement.[/li][li]The list goes on. [/li][/ul]

Now it is a common trope of horror movies that the main characters do dumb things, or else the movie would be over too quickly. If Laurie Strode shot Michael Myers with a sniper rifle the second he walked onto her property the movie would’ve been over really quick.

But I’m wondering if in this film it goes deeper than that. Laurie Strode was never meant to be a soldier, she was just a person who developed severe PTSD after experience violence as a teenager. As a result she was thrust into a role and personality that was never suited for her. As a result she made a wide range of tactical mistakes in her effort to play a fighter and soldier, because that isn’t who she is and never was. Her entire life for the last 40 years has been her forcing herself to be something she isn’t out of PTSD, and because it isn’t who she naturally is, she made a lot of mistakes.

So going above and beyond the common horror trope of characters making dumb decisions to keep the plot going, did the movie intentionally make Laurie Strode bad at being a soldier/warrior because they were implying that her entire identity for the last 40 years of her life was just a bad personality that was forced upon her by PTSD, not something she was ever innately cut out for (being a fighter).

If so, I think that adds an extra dimension of sympathy for the main character.

I liked it well enough, but it wasn’t scary. Loved the balcony where’d-they-go callback to the first one. But yeah, her ‘plan’ sucked.

I think you’re overthinking it, if she’d been a disorganized prepper ‘cuz the world is bad, mkay’, I could buy that; but she’d built a rather specific anti-Michael fortress that she made poor use of. Either they were being too meta for their own good, or they were just following the formula.

The daughter’s badass moment was cool, though.