Halloween in the mall

In many areas of Hawaii, kids don’t trick-or-treat door to door, but stand in lines visiting the various shops in the neighborhood mall.

Does this happen anywhere else ?

O le mea a tamaali’i fa’asala, a o le mea a tufanua fa’alumaina.

Throughout Humboldt County, California, promote a “Safer Halloween” or some such thing. In the afternoon, kids will go trick-or-treating at the mall, the stores around the plaza, or one of the shopping centers.

Door to door trick-or-treating is still commonly practiced, too. My house had over 100 kids show up, and my friends and I went all about the neighborhood, even though 16 is supposedly too old to do that.

Most of the malls in the Albany, NY area have times set aside for trick or treating. Most of the stores buy candy for the kids.

The mall I was at in Orlando yesterday was doing it. My parents also visited a mall near Atlanta that was doing it. Seems like a pretty common thing. If I was a parent I would certainly view it as a safer alternative. Heck, it looked like the stores were giving out better candy than most houses usually do. At least they were avoiding the dreaded gift of pennies.

Here in frog land we always eat our porridge, because it keeps us frogs real peaceful-like.

In nearby churches,they have “harvest parties.” It’s fun and games,but no halloween celebration and no costumes. Lots of christians think Halloween is satanic,and won’t celebrate it. I took my son out last year,and this one,because,as he said,its about getting candie and dressing up,not bad stuff.

I took my kids to the mall trick or treating last night. At our mall, it pretty much sucked. One store gave away 10% off coupons, two others gave away stickers with the store’s name on it, one gave away little pamphlets that were obviously given to them by some publisher to promote their book series, and yet another gave them cough drops! The stores that were actually giving away candy ran out after the first half hour or so. I think next year, we will just go to the zoo, where they have the annual “Boo at the Zoo” event.

I saw that for the first time yesterday at a shopping mall near my house (Orange County, California). By the time I was at the stores (around 16:00) most of them had signs saying “Sorry, no more candy.”

While I appreciate a parent’s desire for safe trick-or-treating, this seems to me like a perversion of a quaint tradition.

J’ai assez vécu pour voir que différence engendre haine.

Yeah, trick-or-treating is big here at the Danbury Fair Mall (biggest mall in new england!). It seems pretty lame though, but I guess its aimed at keeping kids from either getting hurt or causing trouble on Halloween.