Halloween : The Right Time For Spiced Wine

And folks, not only is it delicious, but strikingly potent.

Here’s my lil recipe. Feel free to duplicate it, add your own touches, what have you. Drink Responsibly.

I take a quart of burgundy, and to that, add a pint of sweet vermouth. Toss a half cup of sugar in on top of that. To the pot that this all going in, I add orange peel, a touch of cinnamon, cloves, and maybe a hint of nutmeg, if I’m feeling particularly snippy.

Heat it to just below boiling, then cover. Reduce the heat to a bare simmer, and steep it for 20 minutes or so, your call. Take it out with a ladle, and sip it from a cup that can handle the heat.

My favorite wintertime alcoholic drink. Enjoy!

It was 85 degrees yesterday, and likely to be the same for the rest of the week :wink:

That’s a bit involved just for a buzz, dontcha think?

Besides, everyone knows that the best wintertime drink is Hot Cocoa and Rumpleminz.

Rumpleminze is the work of the Devil!

There’s a LONG story behind my last encounter with rumpleminze. The kind that threadspotting threads are made of. Yeek!

Well, go for it then…

:: lip trembles :: Please?

I’m going to do mulled wine for Christmas at the cross stitch club party, but I shall be cheating & using pre-prepared mulling spices :). And, despite having the spices, I’ve never tried it before, so it should be interesting.

What’s Rumpleminze? (Una’s hot chocolate with butterscotch snapps is heavenly, btw).

Fierra, I dare not, in here anyway. It would at the very least damage the image of incorruptibility I’ve worked so hard to develop. I cannot afford to be seen as a morally ambiguous young man, can I? :smiley:

Rumpleminze, my dear good friend, is 100 Proof peppermint schnaaps with a hint of some Eucalyptus or such. It is best serverd in a tumbler full of ice. Pace thyself!

Currently I like to mix it 50/50 with Jaegermeister (70 Proof) You wind up with and 85 Proof concoction that tastes like high powered root beer.

Oh and I almost forgot Sue, I think the drink you mentioned (Hot chocolate and Rumpleminze) is called a Crow’s Nest. I know I’ve heard it called that when the alcohol is just plain pepermint Schnaaps. Does upping the proof 2 1/2 times change the name of the drink? VULTURE’S NEST anyone? I don’t know.

Ah, Rumpleminze and Jaegermeister. We used to call those “Black Holes” or “Screaming Nazis”.

When I was put off Rumpleminze, we were drinking “Antifreeze”. Rumpleminze, kiwi liqueur, and a splash of pina colada mix thrown in there to make it more opaque. It definitely keeps you warm at night.

Sorry for the delay - thanks for the explanation of Rumpleminze.

Mr C - the only person who is truly incorruptible is one who is already 100% corrupted, please continue with your story… ;).

Oh, anyone liking Rumpleminze would probably like this concoction:
Green Death:
Equal parts of creme de menthe, tequila, vodka & soda.

It tastes like drinking a peppermint cream (the ones you make as a kid with your mom, out of pure icing sugar & peppermint flavouring). Can’t detect any alcohol at all to the taste.

Okay, I’ll repost my favorite coldweather drink: The Captain’s Cocoa.

In a tall mug:[list]
[li]2 packets hot chocolate mix[/li][li]1 shot Captain Morgan Spiced rum[/li][li]Cinnamon to taste[/li][li]1 spoonful of Irish Cream Coffee Mate (powdered kind-don’t know how much of the liquid you’d use)[/li][li]marshmallows[/li][li]Hot water to mix it all up with[/li][list]
It’s very rich, sweet and yummy!

I may have to try the spiced wine thingy for my Christmas party, though. It sounds wonderful!

wow guys!

This came up under a google search…kudos!

hysterical insights.

now that it’s nov. 7 and dropped below 60deg. in little rock, i looked up the old mulled wine recipe.

I have 2 things to add to mr. cynical’s advice:

a little bit of apple cider or just plain juice
and a piece of crystallized ginger…

let steep and yum.

My favorite wintertime indulgence is a lil’ coke and rum… cocaine in rock form and rum stolen from whatever drugstore happens to be handy. Coke and rum and cheap wine and maybe some meth or smack to top it all off on those chilly winter nights… brrr! Keep me warm!

I’M KIDDING!!! I can’t even handle rum and coke, that’s a grandma drink. I like wine so I just may try the recipe so happily given in the OP, thanks.

I am honestly kidding, just wanted to post that again…

This made me grin. My sister likes rum and coke. Now everytime she has one I’ll call her granny. :smiley:

It will be almost as satisfying as the time someone thought she was my mother instead of my sister (despite the fact most people think we’re twins).

It IS a grandma drink! I swear!

Funny. I just take some mead, put it in the crock pot, then toss in a cinnamon stick and let it steep.

Gets you just as buzzed in half the time!