Halloween-time book for 15-y.o. girl

I have young cousins to whom I send gift books every year around Halloween. This year, I’m still choosing what book to give the 15-year-old girl. She has average to above-average reading skills. The book can be fiction or non-fiction. Nothing too outré; I don’t want to get in trouble with her parents. She’s already read the Harry Potter books. I’ll have to ask her mother if she’s read A Wrinkle in Time, but that’s a good example of the type of book I’m looking for.

Any suggestions?

Something Halloweeny? Coraline’s aimed a little younger than her, but it’s a good, creepy read for any age.

We Have Always Lived in the Castle is plenty creepy if you think she’s mature enough. Depends on what you think is outré.

How about The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury? It’s also a fantasy novel, so since she liked Harry Potter, this might be right up her alley.

If you ask at the bookstore, I’m guessing that right now there must be a ton of vampire fiction out there specifically targeted at girls who are a little too young for Twilight.

There’s also the Wicked series reimagining The Wizard of Oz. Personally, it seemed to me that the author stripped out all of the charm and told a depressing and convoluted backstory, but they’re apparently very popular.

I actually think Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book is probably a better choice for Halloween, and a bit more on target for age.

It’s not really Halloweeny, but The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly would be suitable for a teenager.

How about some Ray Bradbury? Something Wicked This Way Comes has a Halloween feel.

I read the Shining at that age - creeped me right out. In a good way. :wink:

King, Ludlum and Clavell got me through high school and parts of college…

I’d say Salem’s Lot is what you need. Or Carrie, but I’d go with Salem’s Lot. 15 isn’t all that young, although I suppose she could be a young 15-year old.


Yeah, depending on the kid, I might go with either one of those.

But check with her parents first, my parents never policed my reading at all, so I’m not a very good judge on what most people would think is age-appropriate.

ETA: The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle, both by L.J. Smith are also great, and definitely OK for your average 15-year-old. The Secret Circle series is about witches.

I re-read Roger Zelazny’s A Night In the Lonesome October every October. Some grisly events are mentioned but not described in detail. No sex at all.

Briefly, every Full Moon that falls on Halloween brings an opportunity to open the gates to Unearthly Powers. Some eldritch folks gather to help the process; others want to stop them. Our narrator is a dog (familiar) belonging to Jack, who has a knack with knives. Other characters include The Count & The Great Detective. Don’t read the summary at Wikipedia if you plan to read the book yourself–half the fun is figuring out what is going on.

It’s out of print but should be findable. With illustrations by Gahan Wilson–who did not provide the front cover art, alas.

I hate to suggest it… but she is right in the target demographic for (ew!) Twilight.

As did I. It was an assignment for English class.

This is my recommendation as well.

I’ll second (third?) the Stephen King recommendations. My faves were Carrie, Christine, the Shining, Different Seasons, Cujo, and of course Pet Sematary which feels like the most Halloweenish/autumnish of all of them. (Halloween does in fact happen in the book, too.)

If we’re also just talking about horror in general, I’ll add my fave horror books, many of which I read at that time in my life–I Am Legend, Rosemary’s Baby, the Exorcist, Psycho, Rebecca.

There is always The Zombie Survival Guide.

Try Black Easter by Brian Aldiss

Thank you all for great suggestions. You’ve given me a head start on next Halloween’s books, too.

I cannot remember the title or author, but I read a book about a girl who is like the 7th daughter in a family of 'physic’s" in a spiritual-new agey kinda town.

She doesn’t want any supernatural powers like her sisters, who are all named after either birds or flowers, IIRC. She is excited because she gets to go to a completely different school than her sisters and can reinvent herself. But, in the end, she has the gift/curse of seeing dead people, primarily a dead boy.

I think her name was either Wren or Sparrow.

Not scary. Might be beneath her reading level, if I could remember what the book was.