Hallucinations from alcohol withdrawal

I just recently learned that this is a very real thing. My younger brother drinks even more than I do and from what I hear he recently quit cold turkey. Apparently he freaked out and ended up in a detox facility. He was seeing shit and even called the cops because he thought somebody was in his house. What the fuck.
I would like to hear stories from others that have seen anything like this before or from people lIke me that are addicted to alcohol… I understand the power of alcohol. I am drinking right now. I have never nor with I ever make a post on this forum sober. Two completely separate people.

I don’t know anybody that had the DTs. All the alcohol addicts I know who quit ended up in the hospital from some alcohol related illness so they were detoxed carefully. Maybe you’ll get lucky that way. Or you could go do something about it before it got that bad.

A heavy drinker shouldn’t quit cold turkey.

What he said. And it is very important to distinguish between “Alcoholic Hallucinosis” and “Delirium Tremens”. Both appear after sudden withdrawal from alcohol in heavy drinkers, both involve hallucinations… But Delirium Tremens can kill. Without treatment, it has a mortality rate of 35%. Even with medical supervision and treatment, mortality in DT is 15%.

Honestly, I think that your brother should get into a controlled program for detox… And perhaps you also should. You both sound as being at risk of rather unpleasant stuff.