Halo: Reach

The Beta gets released on Xbox Live May 3rd and it’s Bungie’s last Halo game. There’ve been a bunch of the innovations that we’ve expected that are announced, and some that are obviously hushed before the Beta gets released. There’s a trailer herethat shows a lot of the changes that are made, namely a more class-based system. The Arena is one of the bigger changes, and it’s still shrouded in some secrecy as to exactly what it is. It appears to be a matchmaking system for some of the more competitive types and handles the TrueSkill system in a “better” way. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. It’s also going to have “seasons” of play, in which rank has to be maintained. This should stop the boosters and twinkers.

Also, there is the Player Investment System. It’s designed on a system of credits that can be gained through the campaign mode and multiplayer, to keep people up and going. Think the Call of Duty perk unlocks, but not just in multiplayer.

I think I’ll be taking a week off as of May 3rd.

Hi. Cool thread.

Just wanted to give you a bump as I know what it feels like to have a thread about a major release sink into the abyss on the SDMB.

So Halo finally turned into Tribes like it was supposed to a decade ago? That’s cool.

Forcing time sunk = better is lame, but it’s what sells.

More infoon the Beta. There’s lots of stuff that’s tweaked, added, and new.

by “turned into” you mean “completed it’s process of completely ripping off everything that was awesome and innovative about” than yes.

By the way, if anyone has a code for early entry into the Beta, I’d greatly appreciate that. Just…throwing that out there.

Hey, if that means we get a new Tribes (even if only in spirit), I think that’s reason for celebration. :slight_smile:

Well, today is the day. If you have Halo: ODST, you should be able to select an option to play the Beta off of your campaign disc. Bungie hasn’t turned the spigot yet. It’s supposed to come “late morning” PST, whenever that is.

Downloading it now.

The servers are getting annihilated. They’re fixing a lot of it apparently, as we speak. Service is pretty spotty.

Yeah, had a good few connections problems but I really liked what I saw. HeadHunter is a lot of fun.

Bungie have updated their page and now say it should be working a lot better now so hopefully can get a few hours in later today.

The amount of whinning on the bungie forums is a bit much. The sense of entitlement these people have is way OTT. It’s a BETA FFS and the first day of it to boot. Give them a break.

Yeah, I really enjoy it so far. Everything feels like it has a lot more “punch” than Halo 2 and 3 did, and I really like how the new equipment loadouts affect the game. The jetpack is a ton of fun, as expected, but I was pleasantly surprised by how useful the armor lock ability turns out to be.

I’m one of those guys who felt like Halo 1 was the best of the Halo games to date (by comparison, I think Halo 2 was easily the weakest installment while Halo 3 was a swing back in the right direction, and ODST even moreso). Reach continues the trend, reverting even further back to the basic game design of Halo 1, with health bars, no dual wielding, and grenades that pack serious punch. The biggest new wrinkle, the equipment loadouts, works a lot better than I was expecting, adding a new tactical layer to the game without disrupting what made the formula work so well before.

There’s definitely some balance issues that need working out - for example, as much as I love me some grenades, I think they may be a tad too powerful this time around. I don’t think I’ve played a game yet where I haven’t gotten at least two double kills just by lobbing grenades into a room and instantly clearing it of all defenders. The radar jamming from players using the cloaking loadout is really annoying, and not in a “fun” way. Since there’s usually at least one person on each team using it at any given time, your motion tracker ends up being more or less useless in corridor fights or base defense situation. But these are all things that Bungie can easily address in the remaining months of development. I, for one, can’t wait for the full game to come out - this may be the “definitive” Halo game I’ve been waiting for since 2001.

Ironic because in Halo 1, you could get a three-shot kill with the pistol, in Halo 2 and 3, you can get a 4-shot kill with the battle rifle, and in this one, you can get a 5-shot kill with the pistol and DMR. Bungie’s said that sometimes, the sound effects a gun produces can have fun effects, like convincing people they do more damage when they don’t.

So far, I’m really liking this. The maps are a little off, but the maps they gave for the Halo 3 beta were crappier maps (Valhalla excepted).

Yeah, that’s what I meant. I haven’t played enough yet to figure out exactly how much damage I’m doing per shot, but everything sounds bigger (a.k.a. more awesome). I particularly like that “ear ringing” effect they implemented for when you stand too close to a grenade explosion.

Things I’ve noticed:

-Grenades are no fucking joke anymore. They will end you. They will also end everyone else in the room with you. They may also end any pets you own.
-Shields beep earlier. I’m conditioned to escaping and letting my shields recharge after I hear them go off. There’s still plenty of juice left in the tank when they start squawking.
-Where in Halo 3, you had to aim about throat level and keep the horizontal line of the battle rifle reticle across their shoulders for the optimal spot for headshots, it seems that it’s a little higher in Reach. Anyone else noticing this?
-Sword base is a really good map, but it seems that the map boils down to getting the power weapons and hunkering down in a corner. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good team-shooting opportunities here, too, but so far, the Gold Lift and its hallway seems to be the hottest area on the map.
-BXB seems to be back, especially effective with the Spartan Sprint. The Sprint+shotgun, sword, or hammer is very effective, too. Speaking of the hammer, has anyone else noticed a slight delay between the time the hammer smashes your opponent and the kill seeming to register?
-I’m leaning towards not liking Armor Lock. It has a good and practical use, but whereas the Sprint you can use virtually everywhere and in many situations and the jetpack has some use, and the camo is amazing if you’re savvy with it, Armor Lock seems to be best used in short bursts.
-Slayer Pro is amazing. I think we can safely say that this is pretty much the way that MLG is going to go for Halo: Reach.
-Active Roster is nice, but I’d still like to be able to access my Friends List with just a button push. I have a sneaking feeling that this will be addressed with a clan list of sorts. In the lobby, when you hit “Y”, it brings up a menu of things to select to draw your friends from. I would assume that you can display another list of people on the Active Roster as well by selecting the network.
-The noob combo is back from Halo 2. All hail the plasma pistol, which is now a lethal weapon.
-If you melee the person that’s about to stab you with their sword, you can parry their blow. That’s nice, and provides some defense.
That’s all I’ve got for now.

Sword Base is great for the team objective modes, less so for Slayer IMO. Stockpile, especially, forces you to really choose your loadout carefully depending on what part of the map you plan to move around in (jetpacks for grabbing flags high up, sprint for flags that have fallen to the floor, armor lock for defending your flag capture point, cloaking for sneaking into the enemy base and wiping it clean of defenders).

Armor lock is actually my favorite of the new abilities (although jetpack comes close for shear fun factor). It’s definitely a situational tool, but if you use it right, it’s incredibly effective. I now use armor lock as my default loadout for interior “base defense” situations, and it’s pretty amazing how long I can hold off attackers by myself just through well-timed uses of armor lock to survive grenades and rockets. On Powerhouse, if I grab the two plasma grenades outside early on, I can just hunker down next to the flag and essentially guarantee myself at least five or six kills before being taken down once.

Edited to add: Another scenario is early on in one-flag CTF on Swordbase. You can bet that the team on offense will be lobbing grenades at the flag the moment they have a clear angle. With armor lock, your team can easily soak up the grenade blasts, thus depriving the incoming attackers of their primary means for clearing out enclosed spaces like the flag room, while allowing you to still use your own grenades with impunity.

This is mitigated somewhat on Covy Slayer by the Elites’ “roll” ability, which makes that followup headshot quite a bit tougher.

Ooh. Didn’t know that. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Does it have aim-assist like the previous games?

Mildly touchy question. Are you referring to auto-aim, hit boxes, or hitscan weapons? If you’re just talking about auto aim, I don’t believe so. The hit boxes also seem to be gone or made much smaller, although it’s hard to test it out without the ability to do custom games (so far). Human weapons are hitscan, but Covenant weapons aren’t.

If you read the above post and are wondering what language that is, auto aim is pretty self-explanatory. It’s also known as “aim magnetism” or “reticle magnetism”. It’s whether or not (or how much, in some cases) the reticle hangs over your target as you pass by. You can test these things by barely pulling your crosshairs over an opposing target and seeing if it snaps onto the target and stays there until you give the thumbstick a little more of a push. It sounds a lot worse than it sounds, especially if you’re not very good at the game.

Hitboxes are imaginary boxes drawn around your target that will accept damage. For example, there might be a box around the head of your enemy that, if a shot lands inside that box, but seemingly outside the head, it’ll register as having hit the head. The size of the hitbox also tends to change with zoom. For example, if you aim the rifle at an opponent’s head and barely miss (but hit the hitbox), you register the hit. If you zoom in, and, in theory, are more accurate, the hitbox is much smaller, or eliminated altogether. How to test: pop in Halo 2 and fire up a second controller. Have an opponent stand across the map from you, whle you have a sniper rifle. Move the reticle over their head until it turns red. Zoom in and do the same. Zoom in again and do the same. You should notice that the hitboxes, especially around the head, are a little generous in that middle range.

Hitscan is measuring/eliminating bullet time. If your reticle is on the target and you pull the trigger, does the game account for the time it takes the bullet to travel over? The human weapons in Halo: Reach are hitscan weapons. You aim the weapon, pull the trigger, the shot hits. Covenant weapons in the same title are NOT hitscan weapons. To help mitigate it, they’ve also included a “ghost reticle” to help with the aiming. Compare Halo 2 to Halo 3 to Halo: Reach. Halo 2 and 3 has a 3-burst battle rifle and Reach has the DMR, which is a single-fire weapon. In Halo 2, the battle rifle was a hitscan weapon. If one bullet hit, it counted like all three bullets hit. This was changed in Halo 3, where every individual bullet was tracked. There was also a spread introduced, where the first bullet would be right on target where you point, but the other two might be slightly off. compare these to the DMR, which fires one round when you pull the trigger and counts like a hit when the reticle goes over the opponent. One bullet simplifies things without making them odd like it was for Halo 2.

Now, why do those things exist? To help mitigate lag. If there’s network turbulence, and there very could be when connecting to people all over the planet, they’re built in to help shots land. Not only that, but within the community, there are stronger feelings about hitboxes and hitscan weapons, specifically.

Honestly, I still don’t get what the big deal is.

They’ve copied the new big features from the other franchises, good job. Sure they took them in their own direction and that’s to be commended… and by took them in their own direction I mean hey that armor lock thing is actually original. I don’t particularly like it (I was digging on the invisibility thing) but so it goes.

Seriously though, 6v6? Bungie, it’s 2010, that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Gone are your ambitions of 40v40 from Halo 1, huh?

Also, of all the matches I’ve played (like 6 or something?) only ONE was NOT on sword base. What’s the deal with that?

Yea… so Halo… I’m going back to games I enjoy

Do you really want to play in a game where 80 players are throwing grenades around?