Ham-handed Ham Radio Operator


Do you thinks his license plate is really N9KDoRk? These guys already make Star Trek fans seem cool by comparison - now they have this guy as their lobbyist?

They may be geeks but they do serve a purpose. In any major disaster, the best way to get information in and out of the disaster area is by ham radio.

Simply like any other activity, including this board.

Dont let the actions of one taint your opinion of thousands of others.

Please reconsider the part in your post about all ham radio operators being geekier than Trekkies (or Trekkers). 'Taint true. And it 'taint true about all Trekkers, either.

21 years as a ham operator here and I’d never even consider doing something like that.

Although I DO have a 75 foot tower in my backyard…

Awww, Rico, I’m sorry for bashing you guys. It is just that I’ve been wanting to use the phrase “ham-handed” for the longest time and this seemed like the perfect fit.

Rico? Is that you Dad? You still climbing that tower in icy conditions?
Actually, nope, can’t be…my father’s been a ham radio guy for 34 years. And yah, he’s a geek, but the guy in the article…yah, that’s what we call an extremist. Every group has one. Every group is embarrassed by that individual. Definitely cannot make assumptions about an entire group based on one person’s actions.

LOL scared me there for a moment, Harli.

Thought my past had come back to haunt me!