Hamburger fat vs. plastic

Quick question for the plastics experts, chefs and/or meat experts:

I had to toss my grease draincan because it was full, and I haven’t emptied my next one yet (still has coffee in it.) I’m going to be browning ground beef for tacos later, and I’ll need to drain the fat off. Would the thick plastic of a fast food travel cup be strong enough to contain the fat without melting? What about a milk jug?

Thanks in advance.

Shouldn’t be a problem with either one. They might soften a bit, but they ought to maintain integrity. Just don’t grab them while they are warm…they might crush.

Gracias. I figured they’d survive, but I didn’t want to do it and then have something explode all over my kitchen sink.

I’ve used Solo-style cups. They make cool warped greasy-sculptures.

I’m sure you’ve already made and enjoyed your tacos, but I wanted to add a trick I discovered by accident one day. I was melting some candle wax and didn’t have any empty cans around. I got some tinfoil and stuffed it into my kitchen sink drain, creating a nice hollow that held the wax and allowed it to harden.
Helpful if you’re ever out of cans, milk jugs, and fast food cups.

I generally do something similar to LunaV. I use tin foil in a bowl.

Admit it – you’re a shill for a plumbers’ union, aren’t you?


I plead the fifth… :wink:

Make sure you have a bag of bird seed with you. If you add a bit of seed between fillups, you can create cheap suet for the birds. Of course, in late winter most of the birdies will die of heart disease …