hamster bite

Should a person get a tetanus shot for a hamster bite? Not one of those little sharp nibbles, but, like, a bite where the bitch hangs on for half a minute, chomping down while you’re screaming trying to shake her off, blood everywhere, until you’re husband finally rushes in and saves you?

Check with your local hospital; most places have some kind of nurse’s hotline where people can call and ask questions about non-emergency stuff. Or wait until your doctor’s office opens and call and ask them.

But mainly I want to know what you did to piss the hamster off that bad. Were you trying to post something in the wrong forum?

snickers at Marlitharn

Any type of deep wedge-type wound like that has the potential to be a problem. If you haven’t had a tetanus jab for a few years I would recommend one.

What were you trying to post?

I don’t know what I did! She’s been hand tame for months! I don’t know if I accidentally hurt her while holding her, or maybe my hands smelled like food or something (i thought I washed them thoroughly). I’m going to leave her alone for a couple of days, then slowly hand tame her again. I’m afraid she has the taste for human blood now… :eek:

Dude, I thought this was more of an opinion question than a general.

Uh…you’re not gonna bite me are you? I don’t have band-aids big enough for that.

I got bit by a hamster as a kid, but I didn’t get a tetanus shot after. I’m sure I’d gotten one within the last few years at that point so it was probably unnecessary. Besides, I’m not sure anybody thought of it.

I asked for my bite; I poked a sleeping hamster during the day. Lesson learned!

I put a male and female hamster together once, which I knew is a tricky thing – they’re solitary as adults and they’ll fight. Becasue of that, I hovered over them as they met on neutral ground.

The female flipped the male over on his back and lunged. I’m sure she was going for his throat. I stuck my hand in there to try and get between her and her target.

Hamster teeth clicked on the bone in my finger.

That’s right, she went right through the finger on both sides and clicked the bone between her upper and lower rodent choppers.

Hamsters are only letting us live because they’re tolerant.


PS both hamsters were okay, and I did not get a shot.

Well. Now were faced with a question. We all know that cats let us remain in “control”, mostly because they haven’t solved the Doorknob Paradox.

Would cats or hams reign supreme, assuming that hams could show their industrious side with anti-cat measures?