Hamster Wheel Gone Wrong...

…or, Why This Board Is Slow. :smiley:

I just saw it recently, but apparently it’s been on Google video at least since April.

So imagine my surprise when a search suggested to me that the Dope community has not been treated to this gem yet.

(Don’t worry- the only way it’s NSFW is that you may spit coffee all over your cubicle.)

You made my morning.

Now I will go clean the soda off my screen.

That actually explains a ton about this board.

You should clean it with this.


Wow, thanks! That is much better now!

Cleaned with cuteness! I wish that would work for all of my cleaning needs.

I have to get a hamster and a wheel. It will amuse me AND the kitties! His little legs just a goin’, then OOPS…

Kitties and hamsters…BAAAAAAAD combo. Just trust the voice of experience on this one. If they don’t get to him and eat him, he’ll die of a heart attack when they spend all day just staring at him. It would be like living in a shark cage while smelling of bloody tuna.

The thing is, the camera person knew exactly which angle to get, so this is obviously not the first time the hamster (or rat, or gerbil, or whatever that is) has done this. It’s almost as if he asked his owner to get him on tape in case MTV ever annoucnes they’re accepting submissions for Jackass: Rodent Edition, or something.

I’ve had a hamster and cats at the same time. The hamster is so darned dimwitted that it doesn’t recognize the cats as predators who are VERY fond of small rodent snacks. There is a device that is a hollow sphere with holes in it, with a little door. One puts one’s hamster/gerbil/mouse in the sphere, closes the door, and the rodent can run around the house without getting hopelessly lost. When one allows one’s hamster to run about the house in this sphere, the hamster will RUN TO THE CATS, apparently in an effort to make friends with them. This confuses and annoys the cats, who promptly jump out of harm’s way onto a chair, very much like the stereotypical housewife seeing a mouse in the kitchen. We’ve had several hamsters over the years, and they’ve all done this.

Once the hamster is back in its cage, the cats will come out of hiding, and continue to give it the Death Stare.

One of our hamsters was able to escape from his Habitrail, and did so several times. My daughter’s cat caught it and delivered it to my daughter, who did not appreciate having a warm, squirming rodent dumped in her face, no matter how cute he was. Especially since she was asleep at the time. The hamster was unharmed, as was the cat, but I think that my daughter has never fully recovered.

We had our hamsters in a glass aquarium with a meshed wire lid. The cats would jump on top of the mesh. We had a hamster literally die of a heart attack when one of them did this once.