hamstring cramps during orgasms

how can i stop leg cramps when in missionary position i don’t get them all day its just when i am about to reach the point of climax any help would be great my wife and i want this to stop please help!

Have you tried stretching beforehand? The answer could be that simple. Also, a professional massage might help. Go for the deep tissue massage- different bits of your muscles can get kind of ‘glued’ together, and a deep tissue massage can break that up for you and make you less resistant to cramping. Depending on how big of a problem this is maybe you’ll want to talk to a pro about your diet/other more technical medical stuff.


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Hamstring or calf cramps? If the latter, push back far enough on the bed so your feet hang off the back. When you point your toes, you facilitate muscle cramps in your calfs. But all those muscle groups are connected, so keeping any of them stretched helps all of them stretch.


Bananas? I mean…eating them. Potassium helps prevent cramps.


Since the OP is looking for advice, let’s try IMHO for this.

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Generally only if low potassium is present to begin with.

Isolated leg cramps during a particular activity and not involving nocturnal leg cramps or claudication due to vascular disease usually are due to dehydration, along with a little pre-existing muscle fatigue.

Key issue for most folks: hydration, hydration, hydration!

Light stretching before is helpful too. Especially if you’ve had an exercise workout earlier in the day.

I’m wondering if you’re tensing up, possibly to trigger orgasm? Maybe some deep breathing would help.

BTW, IAAMD. And have addressed this sort of complaint in patients more than once.

But if you prefer to follow the banana/relaxation/pro massage treatment plans instead, feel free. No harm in 'em, they may work.

FWIW I notice this problem sometimes, by myself or with somebody. I don’t think it’s unusual, or indicative of anything wrong. John Mace is probably right, it could be a toe-pointing related thing. I wonder who Cecil could call to find out about this?

Try cowgirl.

It could be that you’re lacking in a particular vital trace element. Used in very small amounts it can avoid severe pain to some people. Some know it as “punctuation”.

As an aside, anyone ever get an orgasm headache? I’ve had two or three and they are the most intense head pain I’ve ever had. They last between 5-10 minutes then go away.

Maybe you should shorten your stroke. :wink: