Handling Equine Thyroid Replacer... Hazards?

As part of my job I dish out some Thyroid medication to a very shaggy Shetland pony. A (human) client of mine observed that the medication (brand named Thyro-L but I can’t remember the named of the medication itself) is the exact same thing she takes for her own hypothyroid issues.

The medication is a grey powder that is sprinkled over the pony’s feed – it gets about 1/2 gram twice a day. I come in daily contact with the powder. I’m certain that I inhale small amounts of it, it gets on my hands and clothes, etc. I’ve read the jar and there are no particular precautions listed. But knowing that this substance is active in the human system has me wondering – should I be treating this medication with more caution than I am now? What precautions would be reasonanable and customary?

Here’s the MSDS in pdf format: http://www.lloydinc.com/products_pdf/msds03/Thyro-L.pdf

Here’s are the the money quotes:

I did a Google search for “Thyro-L” and MSDS, and the first two links were for MSDSs for the product. Sorry, I’d tell you what they said, but I’m on a new PC, they’re in PDF form and I don’t have Acrobat installed.