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Dear Cecil,

I would like to commend you on your response to “Is handwriting analysis legit science?” There was definitely evidence that you had conducted research on the topic. However, as a forensic document examiner, I would like to make a few additional points:

  1. Forensic document examiners (FDEs) are advocates of the evidence ONLY and are impartial expert witnesses in an adversarial court system. The testimony of an FDE may assist a jury in its decision to send people to jail, but the reality is that our examination results have also freed as many, if not more, suspects from erroneous incarceration.

  2. Since the Daubert decision in 1993 (and Kumho in 1999), the trend for admissibility of forensic handwriting analysis has been decidedly positive. In fact, every federal appellate court (16 at last count) that has considered the question has upheld the admissibility of handwriting expertise. (see also response from “minty green”)

  3. The Saelee decision was based on the government’s lack of proof that handwriting expertise is reliable. Federal decisions since then (US v. Prime, US v. Gricco, US v. Broten, et al) have concluded that forensic handwriting analysis does indeed satisfy the criteria required of it under Daubert, Kumho and Joiner.

  4. The only “dirty little secret” that I’ve become aware of is the extremely limited funding opportunities for research in forensics. The US Court system did not require that expert witnesses proffer scientific studies until Daubert/Kumho came along, and only then could justification be made for funding such research studies. Prior to Daubert, the forensic sciences met the Frye test, and later FRE criteria, for admissibility in court.

  5. You mentioned the Srihari study, but failed to note the four published studies by Dr. Moshe Kam, Drexel University(Journal of Forensic Sciences). Dr. Kam has confirmed that forensic handwriting analysts are far superior to laypersons in detemining whether a known writer wrote a questioned writing. The tests which the Saelee judge relied upon are rife with problems.

  6. Finally, at least for today, it is the expert’s training, education, and experience that the gatekeeper should emphasize when deciding admissibility of expert testimony.

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