Handwriting recognition for iPad?

I just got an iPad as a gift and like most aspects of it. However, I have a convertible tablet laptop with a Wacom screen that I really love because using OneNote I can take notes in handwriting that are tacitly converted to text (or explicitly if I ask it to) and can be searched. I have couple of notepad applications for the iPad but nothing that allows me to search handwriting for text, or convert handwriting to text.

Does it exist? Any recommendations?

I don’t have an iPad, but a quick search turns up several apps that might do what you want - Notes Plus and 7Notes for example.

You might want to pick up a stylus if you don’t already have one; there seem to be a number of them out there.

Thanks Mama, I’ll check into those. I did buy a stylus. They’re kind of weird, I guess because the touchscreen technology is not pressure sensitive. My wacom and my old Palms had hard tips, these are mushy.

(BTW I am still benefiting from your advice about buying MS apps through Fairfax County Schools.)

Cool!! Something we got recently even suggested the apps were free now.