Handy -Dopers: Building a sunroom to my house.

I’m thinking about building a Sunroom to the back patio of my house.

I have done some construction work in my day. My wood working skills suck. So I’d have to hire some one to build the frame. I’m confident I can do the siding, the sheet rock (tape and bed included), the electrical, the flooring, and the roofing.

Basically, what I’m asking for is unforeseen obstacles I might run into. I’m particularly nervous about installing the windows. I’ve never done that before. Also, what’s the best route to get AC into the room? Leaving the sliding glass door open is not an option as I will be using this room to smoke my cigarettes. (I don’t smoke in the house)

I’d leave windows and doors to the professionals. One badly placed shim can lead to a lifetime of a window or door that’s a nuisance to open or shut. That said if you decide to install them yourself each manufacturer has specific instructions, read them and follow them exactly.