Handyman suggestions wanted

I won a handyman for a day! Actually, it could be a handywoman, but the place has handyman in it’s name, so I’m going with that.

I get two guys for eight hours to do work on my house. At this time I have a veritable laundry list of things- lay linoleum, put a new dryer vent in, fix the gutters, put in a little gate around the trash bins (in my city you can be fined for having trash bins in the open).

How long would laying linoluem take, esp if I prep the area first? It’s for the laundry room, approximately 7’ x 12’. Would that pretty much shoot the day?

My sister also suggested they remove the laundry sinks. They’re the concrete ones original to the house (1948) and for some unknown reason were placed 2 1/2’ from the wall. If I bought new laundry sinks, again what time frame would we be looking at?

Have you ever hired a handyperson? What kinds of things did you have him/her do? What’s on your HoneyDo list at your house? Maybe I can glean some ideas from you!

As far as vinyl, tearout and floor prep are what takes the time, I could lay 7x12 in less than a half hour if everything was ready for me and there weren’t too many cut in’s to make.

I’d let the handymen do the tearout and prep, they can be doing other things while they are waiting for things to dry.

I think the trick for you will be to have enough projects and the proper materials on hand to keep both of them busy for 8 hours.

Two experienced guys can do a LOT of handymaning in 8 hours if everything is on site.

If it were me, I’d make a list of the things you’d like done and call or meet with the guys doing the actual work and see what they can handle and what they’d like in the way of materials.