Hanging with DeSade

I just finished reading Philosophy in the Bedroom and Justine by Marquis DeSade. Did he really believe in what he wrote, did he feel like the world was treating him like his main character(s), or was he writing just to upset people?

This isn’t a homework assignment, is it?

See this old thread: A life of decadence? A poster “channels” the Marquis.

What kind of person would assign De Sade as homework?:confused:

Actually I think De Sade gives nature a black eye. I have seen bears, wolves, lions…ect. fight over territory, females, food and rarely does a combatant even get hurt. His idea of do what you want to your fellow species member would seen to lead to extinction.

De Sade states that certain tribes or groups practiced infantcide, patricide, matricide or organized rape. But that does not prove that it acceptable for a society anymore that tea parties are ok because some people so it.

De Sade complained about his imprisonment. But if he believed in might makes it alright then how could he complain when those stronger than him did what they wanted to him?

The stories written by De Sade were in story form not in a sciectific style essay or analytical mode. So, was he writing to make people angry?

A Sadist!